CIP Type Integrated In Place Cleaning Machine


CIP type integrated in place cleaning machine is widely used in the food industry, especially in the dairy, juice, beer and beverage industries. In the process of food processing, cleaning and sanitation are the first priority. Measures must be taken to prevent any food contamination.

Therefore, CIP cleaning machine is very important, it can effectively control the generated high organic waste, microorganisms, bacteria, etc., and equipment, pipelines and storage tanks are forced to be cleaned by CIP circulating cleaning fluid, without any disassembly, reducing labor intensity.

CIP Type Integrated In Place Cleaning Machine
CIP Type Integrated In Place Cleaning Machine

Model and parameters

Operating temperature: 60-80

Cleaning time: 12min/time

The order of cleaning solution: clean water-lye-clean water-acid-clean water

Material name: 2% nitric acid solution, 2% caustic solution, 2% clean water

Dimensions: 3240×1740×1950mm

Steam pressure: 0.4MPa

Motor power: 2.2kw

Centrifugal pump flow rate: 10m³/h

Centrifugal pump head: 40m

Total equipment: 860kg


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