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  • Business Etiquette Reception We will give the receptionist your information in advance, give tips at the airport to let you meet with the receptionist better, and after picking you, provide luxury commercial vehicle service along the way to solve your travel problems after coming to Zhengzhou; Elegant and chic cafes, let you negotiate with us more comfortably.
  • Intuitive Exhibition Hall Visit The company’s business staff will lead you directly to our first-class manufacturing plant, machinery exhibition hall, on this basis you will be deeply impressed by our advanced equipment and modern exhibition, mechanical parts exhibition hall, in order to have a good knowledge about our products.
  • Site Operation Simulation Shows In order to further understand our product processing process, our business staff will take you to our factory for on-site operation. In the process, you can personally operate and experience our excellent machining equipment. At the same time, the factory technicians will answer your questions patiently.
  • Customizing Solutions For Clients From the customer’s point of view, our senior design team will analyze, discuss, design and develop the best production line and layout plan after fully understanding the customer’s information about the production line capacity, processing type and customer investment cost budget. Our aim is to tailor the most suitable and economical production line for our customers, ensuring that their customers achieve maximum economic profit.
  • Online Customer Service We provide a variety of services, including pre-sales consulting, after-sales maintenance and logistics tracking, 24-hour online website customer service, 24-hour response phone, email, mobile phone, WeChat, complaints; real-time query logistics information, all-round customer satisfaction demand.
  • Design Service Before Sale According to the actual needs of customers, we can determine the type and specifications of mechanical equipment. We can also customize the machine according to the special requirements of customers to provide customers with a satisfactory and reasonable production line. More importantly, we provide our customers with training technicians who have certain technical and machine maintenance functions at no charge.
  • Sales Tracking Service In the sales process, we can track the production process in a timely manner, while ensuring product quality, minimizing the production cycle, and paying attention to product acceptance. In addition, we assign high-level technical personnel to customers to help customers design construction plans, and make the construction plan reasonable and cost-effective.