Tomato Paste Preheater For Tomato Processing System

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The tomato paste preheater functions to increase the temperature of the slurry through steam heating, so as to achieve the effect of preheating. It is suitable for preheating fluid and semi-fluid materials such as tomato paste.

Structure and principle

The tomato paste preheater is composed of 15 φ51×2 stainless steel tubes tensioned on two tube plates. The material passes through the tube 15 back and forth, and the steam enters the space between the shell and the outer wall of the tube through the pressure reducing valve, stop valve, safety valve and pipeline, completing heat exchange to increase the temperature of the slurry, and achieve the purpose of preheating. The steam trap part is used to remove the condensed water in the heat exchange process. This machine can design the outer interlayer insulation according to user requirements.

Juice Tubular Pre-Cooking Machine
Tubular Pre-Cooking Machine

Tomato Paste Preheater Technical parameters








Processing capacity T/h






Steam pressure MPa


Discharge temperature °C


Dimensions mm

Length 5000

Width 615

Height 1250

Length 4060

Width 615

Height  1250

Length  3250

Width 615

Height  1250

Length 2345

Width 615

Height  1250

Length 1405

Width 615

Height 1250

For the above technical parameters, the heating source is steam. If hot water heating is required, the heat exchange area needs to be redesigned. Various tube heat exchangers can also be designed according to user requirements.

Operation and use

Before use, check whether each connection part is reliably sealed, open the front and rear covers, wash the internal debris with hot water, close the front and rear covers after cleaning, open the steam valve to enter steam, adjust the pressure reducing valve and the safety valve to control the pressure Within 0.3MPa, open the stop valve at the same time and close it when the steam is released. Turn on the feed pump to transport the material and increase the steam pressure at the same time. Depending on the change of the thermometer value, due to the different feed temperature, the relationship between the steam pressure and the discharge temperature and speed should be grasped during actual operation. When the temperature reaches the specified requirements, the material is discharged.


1. The steam pressure must be controlled within the specified range. Pressure reducing valves, safety valves, traps, pressure gauges, and thermometers must be verified periodically.

2. When turning off the juice tubular pre-cooking machine, turn off the steam first, and then clean with water, let out the remaining steam, and keep the inside and outside of the machine clean.


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