Food Grade Vegetable Conveyor Belt For Harvesting Vegetables


The vegetable conveyor belt is widely used in the fruit inspection process in the conveying process of fruit and vegetable raw materials with a circular shape. The fruit sorting machine frame is welded and formed by stainless steel profiles, which has the characteristics of reasonable structure, high fruit selection efficiency, and convenient use.

Vegetable Conveyor Belt Working principle

The sorting machine is composed of frame, transmission motor, metal mesh belt, tensioning screw and other components. After the raw material enters the machine, under the action of gravity, the raw material is spread on the metal mesh belt in a single layer by itself.

The metal mesh belt moves forward under the drive of the transmission motor. The material moves to the bottom with the metal mesh belt in the discharge direction. During the process of moving the mesh belt, operators can detect unqualified fruits and vegetables to maintain the quality of fruits and vegetables.

This machine can also be designed to convey bad fruit belt conveyors and other solutions according to user requirements, and spray devices can also be added according to user requirements.


fruit sorting machine
fruit sorting machine

Installation, adjustment and operation

The mesh belt fruit sorting machine should be installed on a level ground. Clean the inside and outside of the machine; add grease with the specified label according to the CVT manual, swell the conveyor belt, adjust the CVT to a low gear, and make the steering meet the logistics requirements according to the consequences of the power supply, and reverse rotation is prohibited. Adjust the rotating speed so that the mesh belt fruit sorting machine can reach the line speed required by the process and work continuously.

Vegetable Conveyor Belt Parameter


Capacity T/H

Power KW

Dimension mm






Dimensions and power are determined according to the characteristics of specific materials














According to the instructions of the continuously variable transmission, replace the lubricating oil regularly, add grease to the bearing, and make necessary adjustments according to the tightness of the conveyor belt. When the mesh belt fruit sorting machine is shut down during the shift or when it is idle during the season, the machine should be cleaned to keep the inside and outside of the machine clean.

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