Automatic Mushroom Vegetables Slicing Cutting Machine

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The mushroom slicing machine is suitable for mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms,oyster mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, Ganoderma lucidum, fungus, etc., slices, the thinnest slice is 2mm, and we can adjust the slicing thickness according to customer needs. The processed surface of the cut mushroom is smooth, regular, and well-organized, maintaining the effect of hand-cutting.

mushroom slicing machine
mushroom slicing machine

Mushroom Silicng Machine Parameter

Model Dimension
Voltage Power Capacity Net Weight Cutting Size Width of belt
GG-306 1020*760*1370 220V/380V 1HP+2HP 800-1500kg/h 140kg 0-60mm can adjust 165mm
mushroom slicing machine
mushroom slicing machine

Mushroom Cutting Machine Advantage

Food grade alloy special steel blade, hard, sharp, durable and not easy to rust

Double frequency conversion digital adjustment size, adjust the cutter head and conveyor belt according to the size and shape of the required dishes

Low noise operation far away from noisy, the machine adopts noise reduction and vibration reduction technology to greatly reduce noise pollution

Here is our mushroom testing youtube video in our factory for your reference!!

Mushroom Slicer Features

Simple operation switch, speed adjustment knob is easy to understand and free adjustment, emergency stop button is safer and more assured

Grid conveyor non-slip design, food-grade conveyor belt can easily handle various mushrooms

The mushroom are cut when conveyed by the conveying belt, and it is convenient and quick to cut while putting the mushrooms

mushroom slicing cutting machine
mushroom slicer

The mushroom slicer is suitable for food processing plants, clean vegetable processing centers, breakfast projects, chain catering companies, large supermarkets, group meals, schools, logistics canteens, kitchens, and distribution centers of enterprises and institutions.


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