2.5T/H Complete Tomato Paste Processing Equipment Machine


We are a professional tomato processing equipment plant manufacturer. Our tomato paste processing equipment has a processing capacity of 2.5 tons per hour, which can effectively make up the income gap between tomato vegetable farmers in the low and peak seasons and increase farmers’ income.

tomato paste processing equipment
tomato paste processing equipment

We recommended to establish tomato paste processing plants in rural areas near tomato farms to ensure access to fresh tomatoes and reduce the time and energy wasted during transportation.

Tomatoes can be eaten not only as fresh fruits, but also as seasoning sauces. Even if they are processed into tomato sauce, their taste is still delicious. As part of the global cooking ingredients, ketchup can be found in any kitchen around the world.

How to make tomato sauce?

The processing and production process of tomato sauce mainly includes raw material conveying and rough washing → fruit selection → bubble cleaning → crushing → forced feeding → preheating → beating → blending → concentration → sterilization → to the next process

The tomato paste processing steps are as follows:

1. In order to prevent the damage of the tomato skin, we designed the water flow to transport the fresh tomatoes and carry out the rough washing;
2. Pick the belt and remove the rotten, worm-eye, and immature tomato young fruits;

Tomato washing details
Tomato washing details

3. The bubble cleaning machine can clean and sterilize tomatoes more thoroughly, and remove impurities such as pesticide residues on the epidermis;
4. Crusher, used to crush the cleaned whole tomato into lumps;

Tomato preheater
Tomato preheater

5. A preheater, which preheats the crushed tomatoes. The temperature and time of preheating are determined according to your needs for the color, concentration and flavor of the ketchup;
6. A tomato pulp making machine, which beats the pre-heated tomato chunks into tomato puree;
7. Vacuum thickener, due to the high water content in the tomato pulp after the preliminary beating and preparation process, it needs to be vacuum concentrated to remove excess water to achieve the ideal brixity;

tomato paste pasteurization equipment
pasteurization equipment

8. Plate type sterilizer, this equipment and aseptic big bag filling machine form a system to realize aseptic filling of liquid products such as ketchup.

Tomato Paste Production Line Advantage:

1. Unique water flow conveying design, improve work efficiency;
2. The scope of application is wide, and the production line is also suitable for the production of chili sauce;
3. The fruit pulping machine in the tomato processing plant has a variety of mesh sizes to choose from.
4. Adopt CIP cleaning system, easy to clean and maintain.

CIP Cleaning system

The resulting tomato paste filled in aseptic vat is not only convenient for transportation, but has a shelf life of 1-2 years. You can sell them to local small-scale tomato processing plants in batches, and then they use limited tomato paste processing equipment to make them into bottled or bagged tomato paste products commonly found in our supermarkets.

About 80% of the tomatoes produced in the world are eaten fresh, while the remaining 20% ​​are used in the tomato processing industry. As an important seasoning ingredient, processed tomato products are widely used in the food processing industry,
Fast food restaurants, hotels, restaurants and families. There are many processed tomato products on the market. Some of these include-peeled tomatoes, partially dehydrated tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato snacks, ketchup, ketchup, soups, juices, sauces, powders and concentrated juices.

If you have any troubles about tomato processing, please feel free to leave a message with us online, we can provide you with a complete set of specific and detailed tomato paste production line solutions according to your needs, and provide professional engineers on-site installation, commissioning, and training !!


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