Stainless Steel Fruit Juice Pasteurization Equipment


Fruit juice pasteurization equipment is also called plate sterilizer is specially suitable for fruit juices, beverages ,dairy products, or similar liquid materials. Whole machine material is 304 stainless steel. This equipment is an ideal equipment for prolonging the retention period of fruit juice through sterilization and cooling.

Fruit juice pasteurization equipment

Small Scale Juice Pasteurization Equipment Working Principle

The principle of the fruit juice pasteurization equipment is that within a certain temperature range, the lower the temperature, the slower the bacterial reproduction; the moderate temperature, the faster the reproduction. But if the temperature is too high, the bacteria will die. However, different bacteria have different optimum growth temperature and heat and cold tolerance.

Pasteurization is actually the use of pathogens that are not very heat-resistant, and treatment with appropriate temperature and holding time to kill them all. But after pasteurization, a small part of harmless or beneficial, more heat-resistant bacteria or bacterial spores are still retained.

The fruit juice pasteurization equipment can kill various growth-type pathogens in the juice, and the sterilization efficiency can reach 97.3%~99.9%. The juice is heated to 75~90℃ and kept for 15~16 seconds. The sterilization time is shorter and the work efficiency is higher.  But the basic principle of sterilization is that it can kill pathogenic bacteria. If the temperature is too high, there will be more nutrient loss.

Small Scale Juice Pasteurization Equipment

Juice Pasteurization Machine Parameter

Name GGTG-7-1.6-35 GGTG-7-1.6-45 GGTG-7-1.6-58 GGTG-7-1.6-72
Production capacity t/h 2 3 4 5
Heat exchanging area m2 35 45 58 72
Temperature of material inlet 5 5 5 5
Temperature of material outlet 25 25 25 25
Sterilizing temperature 95-137 95-137 95-137 95-137
Heat preservation period S 15-4 15-4 15-4 15-4
Ice water consumption multiple 3 3 3 3
Cooling water consumption multiple 2 2 2 2
Energy consumption kw 10 10 12 14
Outline dimensions mm 4500*1900*1880 4500*1900*1880 4500*1900*1880 6500*2000*1880
Pasteurization Equipment Factory Show

Features of UHT Sterilizer:

1. The materials and heating medium are heated in their own sealed systems through non-contact heat exchange to ensure the hygiene and safety of the juice;

2. The sterilization time is short, which can ensure that the nutrients of the juice are not destroyed;

3. The whole machine adopts food-grade stainless steel materials to ensure that it meets the national requirements for the safety and sanitation of beverage and food equipment;

4. Good heat transfer effect, high heat recovery rate and low energy consumption;

5. The main control components, valves and supporting parts are all imported parts, which have a long service life;

6. Using PLC control, it can automatically control the heating temperature, hot water temperature, steam flow adjustment, etc.

7. The structure is simple, easy to clean, easy to operate, and low maintenance cost.

We can also equip you with aseptic filling equipment, which can be used for the production of products with a retention period of 3 to 6 months, and can also be connected to separators, degassing, flashing and other equipment.

We are a professional supplier of fruit juice and jam equipment. For any demand for fruit juice sterilization equipment, please feel free to contact us online, we can provide you with a complete set of turnkey projects! !


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