Automatic Potato Washing And Peeling Machine


The potato washing peeling machine has the characteristics of novel and tight structure, energy saving, high production efficiency.Thorough cleaning and peeling, little damage to fruits and vegetables, and wide application range.

This machine usage is  peeling and cleaning carrots, potatoes, potatoes and other fruits and vegetables, especially suitable for cleaning and peeling fruits and vegetables growing in soil.

brush washing machine material
Vegetable washing machine material

Working principle

The potato washing peeling machine contains of a frame, a transmission motor, a transmission cover, a spray pipe, a brush roller, a water tank, a discharge door cover, a discharge hopper, a door cover latch and other components, of which the brush roller is half.

There are 7 brushes in the drum. The brushes are in a tangential spiral shape.The upper part of the drum have a high-pressure spray pipe,during the whole movement can wash the material.The washing pressure is 10bar.

The raw materials of fruits and vegetables enter the drum evenly through the conveyor. Due to the rotation of the drum, the material is constantly turned over.

The brushes on the surface of the material and the drum, as well as the surface of the material and the material, are rubbed against each other. At the same time, the spray head sprays high pressure water to wash the surface of the material.

The cleaned sewage, silt and fruit and vegetable skins flow into the water tank through the gap of the brush roller and will discharge them from the sewage outlet. The peeling time depends on the flow rate of the material from the inlet to the outlet, and we can adjust the speed.

potato peeling washing machine details
potato peeling washing machine details

Installation, adjustment, use, operation

1. Tighten all bolts on the whole machine.

2. Adjust the level of the whole machine, clean the inside and outside of the whole machine, and keep it clean.

3. We should well lubricate the bearings and parts,and lubricating oil with specified marks is added regularly.

Here is the potato washing and peeling machine working process for your reference!!

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