Fruit Pulp Extraction Machine For Mango Pulp Making


The fruit pulp extraction machine is special for mango pulp making.It can achieve the separation of mango skin, core and flesh.It greatly saves the labor of manual peeling and core removal, and improves the efficiency of mango processing.

mango pulp processing plant
mango pulp processing plant

Mango Pulp Making Machine Characteristics:

1. Automatic separation of mango slurry and residue.

2. It can be combined on the mango pulp production line or produced by a single machine.

3. The parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, which conforms to food hygiene.

Mango Pulp Machine Applications

The fruit pulp extraction machine is not only suitable for the pulping separation of berries,such as mango,tomatoes, kiwis, strawberries, apples, pears and pre-cooked and softened hawthorn, jujube and other fruits, but also suitable for pitting and pulping separation of various stone fruit fruits.

mango pulp machine applications
mango pulp machine applications

Fruit Pulper Machine Working Principle

Fruit Pulp extraction Machine :A belt drice the motor to make the rotor part installed on the spline shaft rotate at high speed.The mango enters the machine from the feed port, and the feeding blade spirally transports the material to the beating rod, which plays a role in the beating rod. The material was smashed.

fruit pulp making machine
Fruit pulp making machine

Due to the existence of centrifugal force, the juice and meat in the material (have become pulpy) pass through the sieve holes on the screen to enter the next stage of beating (the sieve holes are determined by the size of the fruit core), and the core is discharged from the slag pulp blade. The slag outlet can realize automatic separation of slurry and slag.

Our customer's mango pulp feedback
Our customer’s mango pulp feedback

The mango pulp processing plant, the first-pass  can ahieve the mango core-removing, and the second-pass beating realizes automatic separation of the mango core, peel and residue.

Mango Pulp Making Machine Parameter



Equipmenr Power KW


MDJ1-2.5 1~2.5                        4 1450×820×1580
MDJ2-4 2-4                       7.5 1510×1370×1700
MDJ2-7.5 4-7.5                      18.5 1930×1540×1950

Here is the fruit pulp making machine for mango working process in our factory for your reference!!

If you think a single mango pulp making machine can meets your request,or you want to enlarge your mango pulp making business,we can also guide you how to start a mango pulp industry,pls feel free to commentsus online!


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