Automatic Mango Dicing Machine 3-20 mm Cutting Size

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The mango dicing machine can cut mango into 3-20mm mango diced. Using composite cutters, one-time forming, relatively regular shape, smooth cut surface of mango diced.

Mango is one of the famous tropical fruits. The mango fruit contains sugar, protein and crude fiber. The carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, contained in mangoes is particularly high, which is rare among all fruits.


Secondly, the vitamin C content is not low. Minerals, proteins, fats, sugars, etc. are also its main nutrients. Cut the mango into cubes to make canned, pickled, hot and sour kimchi and mango preserves.

Mango Cutting Machine Working Principle

The dial of this machine drives the mango to rotate at a high speed. Using the centrifugal force of the object, the mango is cut into slices with the help of a vertical knife, and then cut into strips with a disc cutter. It will send the mango into the cutting edge of the horizontal cutting knife, which is cut into the required cube or cuboid.We can customzie the cutting specifications.


 Mango Cutter Machine Features

The whole machine is 304 stainless steel
The whole mango dicing machine materil is 304 stainless steel, sturdy and durable, not easy to rust, safe, hygienic and easy to clean, in line with food hygiene standards!

Design large diameter inlet
Waterproof design, micro switch at the feed inlet, safe operation, SUS stainless steel material, corrosion-resistant.

Selected stainless steel blades
The special blade combination can process leaf soft vegetables or cut slices into blocks of different specifications and shapes, J, prismatic and other shapes.

Simple operation of the power switch
One-key operation, open key, pause key, clear at a glance, convenient operation!

Here is our youtube vidoe of the mango dicing machine for oyur reference!!

Mango Machine Advantage

The cut surface of the diced mango is smooth and beautiful.
The machine frame is SUS304 stainless steel material, which is corrosion resistant.
There is a micro switch at the inlet, which is safe to operate.
Mango dicing is fast and is equal to 25 pieces of work.


It has a wide range of applications. In addition to mangoes, it can also cut carrots, potatoes, taro, seedling potatoes, melons, onions, green peppers, pineapples, apples, ham, konjac, papaya, bamboo shoots, etc. It is suitable for a variety of fruit, dehydrated vegetables, quick-frozen vegetable processing plants and food pickles industry, cutting various root vegetables into cubes and cuboid shapes.


If you have higher requirements for the quality of the finished product, we also have a mango peeler, it can peeling the mango before dicing. If you want to produce quick-frozen mango diced, in addition to mango washing washing, peeling, and dicing pre-processing equipment, we can also provide you with quick-freezing equipment. Please leave us a message online,we can provide a complete solution for your mango processing for free!!


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