Fruits are very good for people’s skin, health and metabolism, so now people are willing to eat a variety of fruits every day. But there is a dilemma. Only a small part of the fruit we eat can be absorbed. Therefore, people now prefer to drink juice, which is easy to digest and tastes good. Fruits on the market are expensive and not tasty, so we have to make our own juice.

1. First, check whether the location of the juicer is inclined or not firm. If this occurs, the location of the juicer needs to be replaced. Check that the cutter and filter are tightly installed, and after confirmation, install the cup firmly and confirm the installation status.

2. Juicing machines are generally divided into two types. One is equipped with a filter to separate the juice from the pulp. Only drink the juice without the pulp. The second is that there is no filter installed, the juice squeezed out by the juicer is a mixture of juice and meat, and can be drunk together.

3. After the fruit is squeezed, its nutritional content will be reduced. If the freshly squeezed juice is not consumed within 15 minutes, the nutritional content of the juice will decrease. The best way to squeeze the juice is to use sterile gauze , Squeeze the juice by hand, so that it can slightly retain the nutrients.

4. Before using fruit to squeeze, cut the fruit into a size suitable for the entrance of the juicer. Plug in the power supply of the juicer to ensure that the power supply is connected. Press the starter of the juicer to confirm that the motor of the juicer is operating normally. Push the food into the cup and keep the advancing speed at a constant speed. Avoid moving too fast or too violently to avoid danger.

5. After the food is processed, unplug the power cord of the juicer, and then pour out the processed food. When cleaning the juicer, clean the internal and external components of the juicer, but avoid water flowing into the motor. After cleaning the juicer, place the juicer in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and dry it in the shade. When using the juicer to squeeze juice, you cannot use anything other than the attached push rod to push food into the juicer.

How to make juice
How to make juice

1. When the juicer is started, you cannot put your hands or other objects in the feeding port of the transparent cover.

2. When you need to clean the pomace cup of the juicer, you need to turn off the power first.

3. When cleaning the juicer, do not use abrasive cleaning tools, which will damage the surface of the product.

4. In order to better squeeze the juice, do not press the pusher extremely fast in the process of squeezing the juice, it needs to be pushed gradually.

Dear readers and friends, the above is the method of using a juicer to make juice prepared by the editor. Have you all learned it? Nowadays, many people love to drink juice, but the juice on the market is really junk food, so everyone, now that we have learned how to use a juicer, hurry up and start a juicer and make your own Like the juice to drink.

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