Stainless Steel Date Palm Core Remover Machine For Stone Fruits


This core remover machine is mainly used for the separation of the nuclear flesh of stone fruits. For example: olives, green plums, plums, apricots, peaches, red dates, palm date etc.

Components and working principle

The multifunctional nuclear remove machine is composed of a transmission motor, a transmission cover, a frame, a feeding hopper, a nuclear removal studio, a discharge hopper, and a nuclear discharge hopper.

Core remover machine
Core remover machine

Working principle: The fruit enters the core removal studio from the hopper. Because the rotor in the core removal chamber is equipped with different angle separation plates, the pulp of the fruit is separated from the core. The separated pulp falls from the screen holes into the discharge hopper, and the core is a spiral composed of several separating plates, and moves to the core to be discharged from the core hopper. The gap between the screen and the separation plate can be tested for treatment It depends on the size of the material core.


Core Remover Machine Technical parameters


Processing capacity(t/h)

Equipped with power(kw)

Rotating speed(r/min)





Speed range:200-800






Use and maintenance

1. Adjust the level of the whole nuclear remove machine and tighten all bolts on the whole machine.

2. Clean the inside and outside of the whole machine and check whether the rotating part of the machine is flexible.

3. The bearings and reducer parts are required to be well lubricated, and lubricating oil with specified marks is added regularly.

4. When the core remove machine is out of service, the inside and outside of the machine must be cleaned to ensure food hygiene.

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