Stainless Steel Papaya Pulp Fruit Pulping Making Machine

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Papaya fruit pulping machine all places in contact with papaya are made of 304 stainless steel and high-quality edible rubber, which has good corrosion resistance, will not pollute the papaya pulp, and ensure food hygiene. Its characteristics are: pulp juice and residue (skin, seeds, nuts) are automatically separated, and the original color and nutrients of papaya will not be damaged.It is suitable for pulping and removing slag from berries (kiwi, strawberry) and pome (apple, pear, etc.).

papaya pulp making machine
papaya pulp making machine

Papaya Pulping Machine Advantages

▼Cost-effective and economical, excellent value for money;
▼Multi-functional beating, can remove seeds, peel, crush and beating;
▼Small size, large capacity, small footprint, and space saving;
▼Easy to operate, easy to clean, safe and hygienic, continuous feeding is possible;
▼Wide range of applications: apples, peaches, pears, jujubes, peppers and other fruits and vegetables;

papaya pulp machine
papaya pulp machine

Papaya Pulp Machine Parameter

Model GG-1
Capacity 50-100kg/h
Power 3KW
Voltage 380v
Enucleated (peeled) Speed 100-500r/min (frequency control)
Beating Speed 860r/min
Beating mesh aperture φ0.6-φ1.0mm
Dimension 1350×770×1500mm

How To Make Papaya Pulp

The papaya pulp making machine’s motor is driven by a V-belt to make the rotor components rotate at a high speed. The papaya is conveyed to the beating rod spirally from the feeding port machine, and the papaya is mashed under the action of the beating rod. Due to the centrifugal force, the juice and meat in the papaya (have become pulp) enter the next process through the sieve of the screen, and the seeds are discharged from the slag outlet by the slag pulp blade, so as to realize the automatic separation of the papaya pulp dregs.

papaya pulp making machine
papaya pulp making machine

After using the papaya pulp machine to complete the pulping work, if you want your papaya pulp to taste more delicate, stable, and have a longer shelf life, we also provide papaya pulp degassing, homogenization, and pasteurization equipment. And papaya pulp packaging equipment, and other papaya pulp processing equipment. If you have any questions about papaya processing, please feel free to contact us online!


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