Tomato Paste Manufacturing Plant For Canned Tomato Ketchup

Tomato paste is a concentrated product by the tomato paste production line. It uses ripe red tomatoes as raw materials. It is made by crushing, beating, peeling and seeding, canning, and sterilizing through the tomato paste production line.The finished product is a bright red sauce-like body with the unique flavor of tomato.


The tomato paste manufacturing plant is set for canned tomato ketchup processing.The production line mainly include fresh tomato lifting,cleaning,crushing,pulping,concentrating,sterilization ect.The flowchart image are as follows:

tomato sauce production line
Tomato paste production line

How to Produce Tomato Paste

We need to clean the fresh tomatoes just harvested from the farm, reduce them, remove the bad and raw fruits, send them to the crusher for crushing, and then preheat the crushed tomato chunks. According to  the requirements of the finished ketchup, select the heating temperature and cooling time; then pulping, the tomato pulp has a relatively high water content, so we need to vacuum concentrate, sterilize, and finally pack our processed finished product into canned tomato ketchup .

Tomato Suace Making Machine parameters:

Raw material: fresh tomatoes

End product: tomato sauce (concentration is 28-30%, 30-32%, 36-38%)

Processing capacity: 300KG-3T fresh tomato/hour

Jam ingredients: pure fruit puree, vitamins, sugar and other flavor additives.

Sterilization method: pasteurization, UHT high temperature sterilization, ultra high temperature sterilization. (Adjustable according to requirements)


Terminal packaging: aseptic vat, bag-in-box aseptic pouch, tinplate small package, small bag packaging.

Control method: manual control or automatic control.


Tomato Paste Production Line Machine Main features:

  • The complete system has reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, energy saving, and low steam consumption.
  • The evaporator adopts a forced circulation type, which makes the tomato paste with high viscosity easy to flow and evaporate, and the concentration time is short.
  • The evaporation temperature of the evaporator is low, the heat is fully utilized, the tomato sauce is heated gently, the heat is uniform in the tube, and the heat transfer coefficient is high.
  • The condenser with special structure can operate normally under the condition of cooling water temperature of 30℃ or higher.
  • Continuous feeding and discharging, material liquid level and required concentration can be controlled automatically.
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