UTH Ultra-High Temperature Instant Sterilization Machine


The ultra-high temperature sterilization machine is suitable for high-temperature sterilization of dairy products, fruit juice, tea beverages, beer, functional drinks, soy sauce, soy milk, condensed milk, alcoholetc., in order to achieve a long shelf life.


The economical ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine developed by us has a wide application range, stable performance and low price.

Uht Sterilizer Classification

1. According to the heating method, it is divided into two heating methods: steam heating ultra-high temperature instantaneous inactivation (sterilization) bacteria machine and electric heating ultra-high temperature instantaneous inactivation (sterilization) bacteria machine;

2. According to the material angle, it is divided into two materials: stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316.

Uht Working Process

The working principle of the UHT sterilization machine is that the material is preheated by pumping the material into the heat exchange device of the cold and hot material in the sterilization machine by a centrifugal pump, and then the material is quickly heated to the sterilization temperature through a high-temperature barrel filled with high pressure. Hold for about 3 seconds.

UHT Inner Structure
UHT Inner Structure

Ultra-High Temperature Instant Sterilization Machine Features

1. The price is lower than the traditional ultra-high temperature instant sterilization machine

2. Automatic control, accurate and reliable sterilization temperature control, steam pressure, flow, material flow, etc. are strictly automatically controlled

3. High thermal efficiency, up to 90% heat recovery efficiency, low steam consumption

4. It can be directly used in series with a centrifugal pump or a high-pressure homogenizer

UHT in our factory
UHT in our factory

Technical parameters

Model UHT-1 Type UHT-2 Type
Capacity kg/h 700-1000 1500-2000
Sterilization time s ≈4 ≈4
Sterilization temperature ℃ 115-135 115-135
Steam pressure Mpa <0.78 <0.78
Steam consumption kg/L 0.15 0.15
Material outlet temperature ℃ 4-65 4-65
Pump power kw 1.5 2.2(4.4)
Holding time s ≤45;≤65 ≤45;≤65

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