According to the spiral blade, the classification of screw conveyor is generally divided into three types: solid spiral surface type, belt spiral surface type and blade spiral surface type.

Solid spiral surface type: also known as S manufacturing method, the spiral pitch is generally 0.8 times the blade diameter.

Belt spiral surface type: Also called D manufacturing method, its spiral pitch is consistent with the diameter of the spiral blade.

Blade helical surface type: The helical pitch is about 1.2 times the diameter of the helical blade, but this type of application is rare.

The direction of rotation of the screw blades of a screw conveyor is mainly left-handed and right-handed.

horizontal screw conveyor
horizontal screw conveyor

For LS and GX type screw conveyors, at the material outlet end, a 1/2-1 turn of reverse screw should be set to prevent material blockage.

There is not only one type of screw conveyor. Generally speaking, it can be divided into two categories: shafted and shaftless. In addition, it can also be

Make specific breakdowns.

Features of shaft screw conveyor:

(1) Large carrying capacity, safe and reliable to use.

(2) It has strong adaptability, easy installation and long service life.

(3) It can deliver materials quickly and uniformly, and has good sealing performance.

(4) The overall rigidity is good, and it can be conveyed both horizontally and at a large angle.

(5) The connection methods of its import and export materials are various, generally there are universal joints, flanges, etc.

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