Have you eaten mango sauce? Mango is a very sweet, brightly colored fruit with very rich nutrition. It is also a kind of fruit that is very popular among men, women and children. So many people like to beat mangoes to make mango sauce, which is used to make smoothies, ice cream, cakes, desserts and other foods.

mango sauce
Mango sauce

In fact, mango sauce is usually made with a double channel mango pulp making machine. The motor is driven by a belt to make the rotor part mounted on the spline rotate at a high speed. The fruit enters the equipment through the inlet, and the material is conveyed spirally by the feeding blade. To the beating rod, the material is broken under the action of the beating rod. Due to the presence of centrifugal force, the juice and meat in the material have been beaten into a slurry, which enters the next beating through the sieve holes on the screen (the sieve hole depends on the size of the fruit core), and the core is discharged from the slag pulp blade out of the slag outlet , so as to realize the automatic separation of slurry and residue.

Double-channel beater For Mango
Double channel pulp making machine

This double channel mango pulp making machine can also be used for beating a variety of fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, apples, strawberries, oranges, etc. It is also a kind of fruit and vegetable beating machine mainly produced by our company. It is made of all stainless steel materials. Users in need are welcome Leave a message to consult and order!

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