How to make juice to do business? First of all, it needs to be clear, whether to open a juice store or a juice beverage factory. Different positioning, location and equipment are different. Today I will talk about how to run a juice store business.

orange juice

Opening a freshly squeezed juice store generally needs to start from the following aspects: technology, location, positioning, design and decoration, operation management, equipment selection


First of all, the first aspect of technology: in the past few years when the milk tea industry has been down, the domestic beverage market has basically aimed at freshly squeezed juices. Under such an overall situation, there are many competitors, so not only technology, but also exclusive technology is needed. Just make simple things more complicated, so I won’t say more about this.

Juicing machine
Commercial Fresh Juice machine

Anyone who understands knows the location, positioning, and decoration: the cost of freshly squeezed juice itself determines that it can only go to the mid-to-high-end market, so the location is the top priority. It is recommended that the commercial pedestrian street and outdoor shopping malls have a better chance of success. Large, decorated: the location is ideal, the product itself is not positioned low, then

The decoration environment combined with the occasion is more attractive to consumers. Taste is not necessarily derived from its taste. Environment is even more important to the creation of the senses. It is necessary to make customers not thirsty before they come to consume. High-end products are for customers to relax. Bring pleasure.

fresh juice machine
Fresh juice machine detail

Operation management: activities, services, purchases, post-positioning, direction, etc. grasp this for yourself.


Finally, the equipment in the store, such as juicers, knives, blenders, refrigerators, refrigerators, stainless steel workbenches, etc., must be used well. The juicer is a very important piece of equipment. Commercial fresh fruit juice machine is recommended, the juice yield is as high as 50%! !

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