Application scope and characteristics

The DJ type double-channel beater is suitable for the beating and separation of crushed tomatoes, kiwis, strawberries, apples, pears and pre-cooked and softened hawthorn, dates and other fruits. And has the following characteristics:

1. Automatic separation of slurry and residue.

2. It can be combined on the production line or produced by a single machine.

3. It is made of stainless steel SUS304, which conforms to food hygiene.



Working principle

Beater: The motor is driven by a belt to make the scraper mounted on the spline rotate at high speed. When the crushed fruit enters the machine through the inlet, the pulper will evenly discharge the materials to the scraper and screen. Due to the rotation of the scraper and the existence of the lead angle, the material moves along the cylinder to the outlet end, and the moving track is spiral. The material is rubbed by centrifugal force during the movement between the scraper and the screen cylinder. Broken, juice and meat (have become pulp) are sent to the next process through the sieve, (the double-pass beater repeats the above process), the skin and seeds are discharged from the slag hopper to achieve automatic separation purpose. As long as the screens of different specifications are changed and the lead angle of the scraper is adjusted, different beating speeds can be changed to obtain satisfactory results.


Double-channel beater For Mango
Double-channel beater For Mango

Operation and precautions

1. Start up: Before starting up, check whether the connection of each part of the rotating parts is firm and reliable, whether the rotation of the motor is consistent with the label, and then add No. 20 mechanical oil to the bearings at both ends, and check whether all the screws in the shaft are loose and whether the bolts of the cylinder front cover are loose. Tighten and check that there is no looseness before starting up. Then add the material evenly without impact. Depending on the specific situation of the slag and slurry, appropriately adjust the helix angle of the scraper and the gap between the scraper and the screen to make the juice content of the slag meet the technological requirements.

2. Stop: After the motor stops, remove the main brake. When the rotor does not stop rotating, do not open the front cover of the drum. Turn the hand wheel counterclockwise to open the cylinder cover

3. The normal use temperature of the bearing is less than 75℃, and clean mechanical oil is regularly replaced in the bearing body to extend the service life of the bearing.

4. The machine must be cleaned and maintained once every shift to prevent the material from fermenting in the machine and the lubricating part from losing oil. When cleaning, open the front cover of the cylinder and unscrew the tightening screw at one end of the spline, then the rotor parts can be easily drawn out, and the screen can be taken out directly. The sieve apertures for selection are ¢0.6mm, ¢0.8mm, ¢1.0mm, ¢1.2mm, ¢1.5mm, ¢2.0mm, ¢2.5mm, ¢3.0mm and larger apertures.

Technical parameter


Production capacity t/h

Equipment Power KW

Dimension mm





DJ2-7.5 4-7.5 18.5 1930×1540×1810