Bottled Chili Sauce Production Machine with High Efficiency


Process: cleaning, crushing, grinding, cooking, filling, etc.


Chili sauce is a condiment with rich flavor and mellow taste. It not only enhances the taste of dishes, but also contains rich nutrients. In order to meet market demand, we designed a chili sauce production machine to ensure the production of high-quality and efficient chili sauce products.

Chili Sauce Production Process:

Cleaning: The cleaning process is completed in the bubble cleaning machine, which mainly removes soil, pesticides, etc. on the surface of the chili.

Crushing: Crush the washed peppers to form granular chili.

Grinding: The chili particles are further processed to form a more delicate chili sauce.

Cooking: According to the recipe of the finished product, add salt, sugar, garlic and other seasonings, and then cook.

Filling: According to packaging requirements, it can be filled into bottles, bags and other containers.

chili sauce production process

Chili Sauce Machine Features:

Automated production: The chili sauce machine adopts advanced automation technology. From the cleaning, peeling and chopping of peppers to the preparation, cooking and packaging, the entire process is automated, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Multi-functional design: It has a variety of functional modules that can be flexibly combined and adjusted according to customer needs to meet the production of chili sauce with different flavors and specifications. Whether it is tomato chili sauce or garlic chili sauce, our equipment can process it.

Hygiene and safety: Our chili sauce production machine are made of food-grade stainless steel materials, which comply with food safety and hygiene standards, ensuring that products comply with national food safety standards. At the same time, the machine is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring product quality and the hygiene and safety of the production environment.

High-quality products: The chili sauce production machine is equipped with advanced production equipment and technology, and strict control from raw material selection to production process ensures that the product tastes delicious and is bright in color.

Application Areas:

Chili sauce machine are widely used in food processing companies, condiment manufacturers and other fields to meet the different sizes and needs of customers. Help customers improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality.


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