Chilli sauce is a very popular condiment, and its production process requires strict control and efficient production technology. But how is chilli sauce produced in the factory? Its main production process includes cleaning, crushing, grinding, mixing, cooking, cooling and filling.

chilli sauce
  • Washing

The first step in producing chilli sauce is to wash the fresh chilli peppers. chilli peppers are picked with dirt, dust and other impurities, so they must be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Crushing

After cleaning, chilli peppers need to be crushed for subsequent processing. The crushing process usually involves the use of a crusher to break the whole chilli pepper into smaller pieces. The purpose of crushing is to increase the surface area, making the subsequent grinding process more efficient, as well as to facilitate the release of flavor and spiciness within the peppers.

  • Sauce grinding

After crushing, the chillies are fed into a sauce grinder for fine grinding. This process not only grinds the chillies into a paste, but also releases their aroma and spiciness more evenly.

  • Blending

At the blending stage of the chilli sauce, the factory will add the right amount of salt, sugar, vinegar, garlic, ginger and other seasonings according to the recipe, and in some cases, preservatives are also added to extend the shelf life. The blending process needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the recipe ratio to ensure that the flavor of each batch of product is consistent. The blended sauces need to be stirred thoroughly so that the ingredients are evenly mixed.

  • Cooking

After blending, the chilli sauce needs to be boiled. The main purpose of this step is to kill microorganisms in the sauce by heating at high temperature to ensure the safety and stability of the product. Cooking time and temperature need to be strictly controlled to maintain the flavor and nutrients of the chilli sauce.

  • Cooling

After cooking, the chilli sauce needs to be cooled quickly to avoid the prolonged high temperature affecting the taste and quality of the sauce. This step is very important to maintain the quality of the product and extend the shelf life.

  • Filling

After cooling, the chilli sauce enters the final stage of filling. The factory will use automatic filling machines to fill the chilli sauce into pre-sterilized glass or plastic bottles. The filling process needs to ensure hygienic and aseptic operation to avoid secondary contamination. After filling, the bottles will be sealed immediately and then labeled and packaged.

The process of producing chilli sauce in factories is more complicated and requires strict hygiene management so as to ensure the quality of chilli sauce. However, the production process of different types of chilli sauce will be different, we can provide customized chilli sauce processing solutions according to your process.

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