Stainless Steel Fruit And Vegetable Crusher Machine Crush Size 5-8MM


This fruit and vegetable crusher machine is suitable for crushing berry fruits and vegetables. At the same time, it can also crush pre-cooked and softened pome fruits and vegetables with a crushing particle size of 5-8mm.

Examples of application scope: berries: tomatoes, kiwi, carrots, mulberries, papaya, etc. Pomegranates: apples, pears, etc.

Fruit And Vegetable Crusher Machine
Fruit And Vegetable Crusher Machine

Working Principle

The machine is contains of a feeding hopper, crushing parts, brackets, discharging hoppers, transmission parts, etc. The parts contacting materials are all stainless steel.

Working principle: The flying knife is driven by the motor to rotate around its axis in the fixed bottom knife gap, so that the fruits and vegetables are broken. There are four groups of flying knives on the rotor, and the bottom knife is a group. Depending on the type of fruit and vegetable, the discharge hopper there are two types of bucket type and tube type. Add a buffer net device to the upper part of the discharge hopper (mark as A in the schematic diagram) to obtain finer granular materials.You can choose to cover the fram with stainless steel plate.

Technical Parameters

Fruit processing capacity: 5T/h

Equipped with power: 1.5KW

Flying knife speed: 310r/min

Dimensions: 640mm×550mm×1175mm

Operation And Instructions

The crusher is fixed by four anchor bolts. Before use, manually turn the rotor to confirm that there is no foreign matter in the machine, add lubricating oil to the oil nipple of the Liangtu bearing support, turn on the power, and make the direction of rotation consistent with the steering plate. Add the raw materials evenly, and control the feeding speed according to the degree of crushing and the condition of the discharge.


1. Do not shock when adding materials.

2. It is strictly forbidden to mix hard materials such as iron nails and stones into the machine.

3. When shifting shifts or stagnant, the machine needs to be cleaned to keep the machine clean and ensure food hygiene.

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