Stainless Steel Fruit Crushing Machine Hammer Type


The fruit crushing machine is designed for the fruit crushing into smaller blocks, in order to increase the juice yield. It has the advantages of novel and compact structure, energy saving, large production capacity and wide application range.


Fruit Hammer Crusher
Fruit Hammer Crusher

Working principle

The fruit crushing machine is contains frame, body, door cover, feed hopper, flying knife, discharge hopper, transmission motor and other components.

When working, the motor drives the spindle to rotate. The material lifted up from the previous process falls into the hopper.

After the material enters the fuselage, the flying knife on the main shaft rotates at a high speed, so that it brake the material.

The broken material falls into the waist-shaped hole on the screen. To the discharge port.

Fruit Crushing Machine Precautions

1. Tighten all bolts on the whole machine. The whole machine is calibrated and leveled.

2. The lubrication parts are required to be well lubricated, and the lubricating oil with the specified mark is added.

3. It is strictly forbidden for stones, screws and tools to fall into the crusher.

4. Frequently check whether the motor is overload and heats up. If we found any bad phenomenon, we must contact the maintenance personnel for repair.

5. We should add the lubricant once every 100 hours of operation. The amount should be appropriate. If we found the grease is dirty,discolour and deteriorat,we must immediately check cause. Normal bearing temperature is less than 805oC

6. Keep the inside and outside of the whole machine clean.

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