Fruit and vegetable processing equipment is suitable for the pre-treatment of all kinds of fruit and vegetable processing, such as concentrated juice processing pre-processing, fruit and vegetable packaging pre-processing, fruit and vegetable beverage processing production line, fruit and vegetable powder processing production, fruit and vegetable sauce processing production line, tropical fruit processing production line, etc.

The necessary equipment for the pretreatment of vegetable processing materials is used to clean fruits and vegetables, clean root materials such as carrots and potatoes, and clean leafy vegetables such as cabbage, to ensure thorough cleaning, small damage to materials, and convenient During the next process, the equipment can also clean different fruits.

raw material
Raw material

Fruit and vegetable processing equipment has the following characteristics:

1. The equipment can adapt to the juice needs of different raw materials such as peach, cherry, apple, pear, strawberry, etc., with a higher degree of automation.

2. In addition, it has an automatic correction system. Under continuous working conditions, it can automatically control the deviation of the filter belt, or manually correct the deviation. Emergency stop buttons are installed on both sides of the equipment to ensure the safety of the equipment.

3. The core components of the fruit and vegetable processing equipment are made of high-strength non-toxic materials, which meet the food hygiene requirements. The frame and various rollers are made of stainless steel or edible rubber. The juice trays are placed centrally to facilitate our cleaning and maintenance.

4. It is also equipped with a special cleaning device. We clean the filter belt under continuous working conditions to ensure the air permeability of the filter belt. The machine squeezes the squeezed material between two filter belts to produce juice. The passage is short, the area is large, and the processing capacity is large. It is also possible to process some high-pectin fruits that are difficult to handle, but due to different materials, the processing capacity and juice yield will vary.

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