Recently, due to the excellent market prospects and low-cost investment of fresh milk bars, many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs have joined the industry. “What is the equipment” is still the main issue. During the interview with the customer service of Henan GELGOOG Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., the customer service reported that many customers don’t know the industry at all, and don’t know what kind of equipment they need to write, etc. Here are a few equipment lists for the reference of entrepreneurs.

1. Major equipment

Fresh Milk Pasteurizer
Fresh Milk Pasteurizer

Pasteurization machine, commercial yogurt machine, thermal cycle disinfection cabinet, milk storage and fresh-keeping workbench, display cabinet.

2. Auxiliary equipment

Oven, milkshake machine, hamburger machine, sealing machine, sealing film, milk bucket, milk bottle, popcorn machine and other machines that make common foods for insomnia.

The purpose of the equipment:
Pasteurizer: disinfection and sterilization of fresh milk
Commercial yogurt machine: yogurt fermentation environment
Thermal cycle sterilizer: sterilize some baby bottles
Milk storage and fresh-keeping workbench: preserve raw milk and finished milk
Display cabinet: keep fresh bottled milk, yogurt

With this list, “what equipment is needed to open a fresh milk bar”, and what are the main equipment for a fresh milk bar can be easily solved. If you want to know more detailed information or equipment quotation, please feel free to leave a message with us online.

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