Congratulations to Zambian customers for receiving our mango pulp machine and filling machine and successfully installing and debugging. Below are some on-site feedback pictures of customers installing mango pulper for your reference! !

Zambia customer mango pulp machine installing

Our Zambian customers have their own mango farms. Customers reported that when the mangoes are ripe, the mature mangoes on the farm will be supplied to the local fruit market at very low prices, and sometimes they may even encounter problems of slow sales.

When winter arrives, the price of mangoes on the market will rise sharply. In order to overcome this problem and to protect the income level of their mango farms, Zambian customers decided to introduce our mango beater.

Our mango beating machine is de-pitted in the first stage, and the second stage of beating realizes automatic separation of the core, peel and dregs; the pulp and dregs are automatically separated, which can be combined in the production line or produced on a stand-alone basis.

Our customer's mango pulp feedback
Our customer’s mango pulp feedback

According to customer needs, we have also configured a mango juice filling machine for customers. The customer said that they will first look at the operation of the equipment in this quarter. When the income expands in the later period, the customer is also planning to purchase mango peel drying and grinding equipment from us. The mango skins produced during the beating process are dried and then grinding them into powder.

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