Use fresh pomegranate to make pomegranate juice, which requires processes including washing, peeling, and squeezing the juice. Detailed information about pomegranate processing machinery is as follows.

How to make pomegranate juice from fresh pomegranates?
pomegranate juice processing technology
  • Pomegranate cleaning machine: The pomegranate cleaning machine is used to clean the dust and other skin impurities on the surface of the fresh pomegranate;
pomegranate washing
  • Pomegranate peeling machine: The pomegranate peeling machine is used to separate pomegranate skin and pomegranate seeds to prepare pomegranate juice;
pomegranate peeling machine
pomegranate juice making machine

(Tip: The pomegranate skin and pomegranate seeds produced in the process of peeling and juicing are slightly processed, which has great medicinal and nutritional value. If you want to treat them then to get pomegranate powder, we also have related pomegranate peels and pomegranate seed dryers. , and pomegranate powder making machine)

Pomegranate juice benefits

Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice contains a variety of amino acids and trace elements, which can help digestion, resist gastric ulcers, soften blood vessels, lower blood fat and blood sugar, and lower cholesterol.

It can prevent coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, can invigorate the stomach, increase appetite, and prolong life. It has a miraculous effect for people who drink too much.

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