Low Waste Pomegranate Molasses Production Line


Pomegranate molasses is pomegranate juice that has been lightly concentrated (with or without added sugar) to create a syrup. It has a strong, sweet-sour flavor and can be used in both savory and sweet dishes, most traditionally in and around the Middle East.

Pomegranate Molasses Production Line Process:

pomegranate→washing→peeling→Screening→juicing→filtration→vacuum concentration→degassing→sterilization→filling

pomegranate molasses production process

Pomegranate Molasses Line Working Process:

  1. Selection of materials: Choose pomegranates that are pest-free, rot-free, and harvested at maturity.
  2. Cleaning: During the picking and transportation process, pomegranates will be stained with some dust or soil. These impurities should be washed away with clean water, otherwise they may be brought to the pomegranate grains in the next process.
  3. Peel: Pomegranate has a thick skin, which contains a lot of soluble substances with bad flavor. Peel it before juicing.
  4. Pressing: Add pomegranate seeds into a press and press to get pomegranate juice.
  5. Filtration: The pressed pomegranate juice contains some suspended solids that need to be removed. After treatment with the alcoholization method, it can be filtered through a plate and frame filter press to obtain clarified pomegranate juice.
  6. Vacuum concentration: Increase the concentration of pomegranate juice through concentration.
  7. Degassing: Degassing is to remove the air inside the pomegranate juice and remove the gas by reducing the pressure of the material to ensure the purity and stability of the pomegranate juice, thereby improving the flavor and extending the shelf life.
  8. Sterilization: The purpose of sterilization is to eliminate microorganisms, which may cause fermentation, and to prevent the destruction of enzymes, which may cause undesirable changes.

Of course, the production process of pomegranate molasses will be different according to the production needs of different customers. We will adjust the pomegranate molasses line according to your processing technology.

Our Service:

  • Design: After the project is confirmed, engineers will formally follow up and hold regular meetings to understand the details and design the plan. After the plan is reviewed, it will be used for manufacturing the pomegranate molasses line .
  • Installation and debugging: Technical service engineers provide on-site guidance to ensure high speed and high quality of on-site installation and debugging.
  • Technical Training: Includes one-on-one training for field operations staff.


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