Automatic Seabuckthorn Juice Processing Line For Fruit Juice Making


Seabuckthorn juice processing line is suitable for processing fresh seabuckthorn into 100% seabuckthorn juice. The production line includes the main processes of the seabuckthorn processing production line including freezing→destemming→washing→fruit picking→thawing→pulping→preheating→sterilization→filling, etc. Eventually obtain sea buckthorn juice and its series of products.


Seabuckthorn fruit is called “Longevity Fruit” in Japan, “Second Ginseng” in Russia, “Life Energy” in the United States, “Divine Fruit” in India, “Holy Fruit” in China, “King of Vitamin C” . In the whole process, in addition to obtaining sea-buckthorn raw juice, sea-buckthorn fruit oil can also be obtained through a three-phase butterfly separator.


The specific process and the corresponding equipment list are as follows:

1. Dip washing machine plus spray cleaning machine
The cleaning adopts a combination of dipping and spraying. When soaking and washing, it is necessary to repeatedly soak with flowing water to remove impurities such as leaves and branches. If necessary, add an appropriate amount of surfactant or disinfectant; when spraying, the gauge pressure of the water pipe should not exceed 0.3MPa to prevent damage to the peel.

2. Manual picking belt: The sorting fruit must be nine mature, golden or yellow, to remove rot, disease and insects, and be careful not to damage the peel.

3. Pulp making machine: Use a double-pass beater to obtain fresh seabuckthorn pulp;

4. Enzyme killer: heat treatment is necessary to prevent browning, inactivate enzyme activity, soften the pulp, hydrolyze the pectin, and promote the full dissolution of pigments, while reducing the juice viscosity. Heat to 60~70°C for 15min.


5. Centrifugal separator: use centrifugation to separate sea buckthorn juice and sea buckthorn fleshy particles or the components in the mixture of liquid and liquid;

7. Allocate tanks, deaerators, sterilizers, filling machines, secondary sterilization, blow dryers and other equipment to finally get the seabuckthorn juice.

8. We need to clean the equipment regularly after use, use CIP cleaning system

Advantages of sea buckthorn juice processing line:

1. All parts of the seabuckthorn juice processing production line in contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel

2. The whole production line starts from the fruit crushing, and the materials are processed in a closed environment to maximize the original flavor and nutrition of the raw materials.

3. Seabuckthorn seed oil adopts advanced carbon dioxide extraction technology, which can obtain 100% pure seabuckthorn seed juice to the greatest extent and ensure that the effective nutrients in seabuckthorn oil are not lost. It is a true “full nutrition” fruit oil.


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