High Speed Automatic Fruit Pulp Extraction Machine


The fruit pulp extraction machine is mainly used for the separation of berries or pome slag after crushing or softening in large-scale fruit juice and jam factories. The equipment has the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, high pulp yield, fast separation speed, large production capacity, and good stability.

high speed fruit pulp machine

High speed fruit pulp machine

Fruit Pulper Characteristics

1. Automatic separation of slurry and residue.

2. It is suitable on the production line or produced by a single machine.

3. The parts in contact with materials is stainless steel, which conforms to food hygiene.

high speed pulp making machinehigh speed pulp making machine

Fruit Pulping Working Process

When the juice mixture enters the buffer chamber of the beater through the pump from the feed port, the juice mixture is automatically filled into the working room, and then under the action of the high-speed centrifugal force of the rotor, the juice is automatically separated from the pomace, and the juice is filtered;

In order to further refine the material, the net enters the buffer cavity;

Due to the tangent principle of the filter and the role of the rotor, the slag will be discharged from the rear end of the filter;

The principle of the high-speed fruit pulp extraction machine is the same as that of the ordinary fruit pulp extraction machine, but the filter mesh hole of the high-speed fruit pulp machine is smaller than the filter mesh hole of the beater.

The equipment has a dilution port in the upper part of the studio.

When the juice mixture is thick, the material can be diluted through the dilution port; when the beater is not used, the slag in the buffer chamber can be discharged first, and then the door cover can be opened. Perform cleaning.

fruit pulp extraction machine details in our factory
fruit pulp extraction machine details in our factory

Fruit Pulp Making Machine Operation and precautions

1. Start up: Before starting up, first check whether the connection of each part of the rotating parts is firm and reliable, whether the rotation of the motor is consistent with the label, check whether all the screws of the machine are loose, and whether the bolts of the door cover are fastened, and then start the machine. Then add the material to beating.

2. Stop: After the motor stops, remove the main brake. When the rotor does not stop rotating, never open the door cover. Turn the hand wheel counterclockwise to open the door.

3. Lubricate the bearings regularly to extend the service life of the bearings.

4. After each shift, we should clean and maintaince the machine to prevent the materials from fermenting in the machine.When cleaning, open the door and remove the filter frame before removing the rotor parts.

Model and parameters

Production capacity: 10t/h

Equipped with power: 30kw

Conveying speed: 970r/min

Dimensions: 1980×1200×2050mm

Because the processing capacity is 10 tons per hour, this equipment is often used in the fruit juice jam production line. It is used in conjunction with the juice jam sterilizer and aseptic filling machine to ensure the aseptic production process!


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