Pickled Radish Leaf Vegetable Cutting Machine Resist Salt Vinegar Water

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The pickled radish leaf vegetable cutting machine is suitable for all kinds of pickles. Among them, radish leaves are a very delicious ingredient, which can be cooked directly as seasonal vegetables or made into pickled radish leaves by pickling. A few days ago, a domestic customer sent a few kilograms of pickled radish leaves to our factory. Let’s try the machine, let us find a suitable machine to cut the radish sprouts into sections, about 2-3 cm in length.

Pickled Vegetable cutting machine
Pickled Vegetable cutting machine


Why is the anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability of the machine for cutting pickled products better? We all know that the food after pickling is more salty and acidic. Acid and alkali will change the activity of the metal, and it is easy to make the machine rust and corrode. In terms of service life and maintenance during use, the higher the anti-corrosion and anti-rust level of the machine, the longer the service life of the machine, and the maintenance will be more convenient, so the machine for cutting pickled radish seedlings must have excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability.

This digital vegetable cutting machine have another name intelligent vegetable cutting machine, because of its strong degree of automation, it is manufactured by introducing Taiwanese production technology. You can adjust the cutting thickness between 0-6cm. It is also very smart and convenient to adjust the cutting thickness. In order to adjust the cutting thickness,we can adjust the speed of the conveyor belt and the speed of the cutter through the inverter of the electric control box, and the operation is convenient and intelligent.

Pickled Radish Leaf Cutting Machine Factory Test

I also uses this machine to cut pickled radish leafy sent by our customers. The cutting effect is very good, and the cleaning of the machine after cutting is very convenient. The material is thick 304 stainless steel plate.The whole machine adopts a sealed structure. We use plates to encapsulate the motors and plates. The structure is very rigorous, and you can directly turn on and rinse.

Pickled raddish leafy cutting
Pickled raddish leafy cutting

The picture above is the effect of this smart vegetable cutting machine for sauerkraut cutting pickled radish seedlings. The cutting length is uniform, the cutting effect is good, and it will not break. The customer say good with the effect after testing the machine, so today I just introduce it. Share this machine for cutting and pickling radish leafves.

Working Principle

The vegetable cutting principle of this machine is the same as the manual vegetable cutting principle.Cut the radish leaves from top to bottom with a blade, and transport the radish leaves to the knife edge by a conveyor belt.There is an anti-hand pressing device -vegetable pressing belt above the cutting part of the blade.When cutting, you can hold down the radish sprouts to make them more neat and beautiful.It  is suitable for cutting various vegetables, such as Chinese cabbage, Shanghai greens, green onion, sauerkraut, radish leaves, garlic, celery, etc.

Pickled Vegetable Cutting Machine Technical Parameter:

Working voltage 220V, motor power 1.1kw,
Machine weight: 135kg,
The machine size is 800*520*1240mm.


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