Industrial Vegetable Cutting Machine For Restaurant

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Industrial vegetable cutting machine for restaurant is mainly suitable for cutting various stems and leaves of soft vegetables, as well as thin and long hard vegetables slices or shreds. It is an ideal processing equipment for making fresh vegetables and dehydrated vegetables in the vegetable processing industry.

commercial cutting machine structure
Commercial cutting machine structure

This vegetable cutting machine for restaurant uses a rotary cutter to cut vegetables into sections or slices. It has a cut surface, small length error of the cut vegetables, uniform slice thickness, fresh cut surface tissue, and no damage to fiber tissue. At the same time, the machine cuts vegetables with high efficiency, convenience and energy consumption. Low, hygienic, vegetable processing equipment.

This machine puts the vegetables to be cut on the vegetable conveying belt, conveys the vegetables to the feed inlet, and cuts them into segments or slices by high-speed operation of the cutting knife.

cutting machien details
cutting machien details

The transmission of this machine adopts various forms such as transmission, transmission, sprocket transmission, etc. The transmission speed can be changed by adjusting the number on the digital control panel, so as to realize the adjustment of vegetable length and cut vegetables of satisfactory length.

Introduction of vegetable cutter

1. The slicing device is suitable for slicing hard vegetables (radishes, potatoes, fruits, potatoes), you can adjust the the thickness freely within 1-10 mm

2. The reciprocating vertical knife cuts the vegetable slices or soft vegetables (leeks, celery) made by the knife into straight shreds or segments, curved shreds, square dices (or shaped knives), and the conveyor belt can freely adjust the moving distance of 1-20 mm each time. The adjusted amount is the width of the wire segment.

cutting machine knife shapes
Cutting machine knife shapes and output

3.When the diameter of the cut vegetable is relatively thick (more than 30 mm), the effect is good, and it is convenient to dice, and the small diameter slices or dices will be messy. The processed surface of the cut vegetables is smooth, regular, and well organized, maintaining the effect of manual cutting.

Features of vegetable cutting machine for restaurant

cutting machine details
Cutting machine details

1. One machine with multiple functions, can cut leafy vegetables, roots and stems, and slice, wire, strip, diced, etc.
2. You can adjust the vegetables cutting size according to different.
3. High cutting vegetables, saving labor input.
4. Double frequency conversion speed control, simple and convenient
5. With control, effectively protect improper personnel.
6. The whole machine material is stainless steel, conforms to food, and fully adapts to various complex environments.

Here is our Youtube videos of this machine for the crinkle cut potato chips for your reference!


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