Single Effect Vacuum Concentration Equipment For Blueberry Jam


The blueberry sauce vacuum concentrator is a single-effect gap type vacuum concentrator, which is used for blueberry sauce to concentrate in a vacuum and low temperature state.

Blueberry paste concentrator
Blueberry paste concentrator

Vacuum Concentrator Features

▼Reasonable structure;
▼Easy operation;
▼Cleaning and maintenance;
▼Food grade 304 stainless steel;

Except the blueberry paste,it is also suitable for heat-sensitive materials (such as sauce, fruit pulp and other materials with poor fluidity) concentration.


Structure and Principle

This Blueberry Paste vacuum concentrator consists of a body, a heater, a separator, a water jet, a stirrer and a multi-stage pump.

Divided into two parts, concentrated evaporation and vacuuming.

The concentration pot is composed of an upper pot body and a lower pot body.

The lower end of the lower pot body is a butterfly-shaped head.

The lower part of the lower pot body is provided with an interlayer.

Steam is introduced into the interlayer to make the materials in a vacuum state boil and evaporate.

Blueberry Jam
Blueberry Jam

A horizontal axis agitator is installed in the lower pot.

Inside, it is driven by a motor reducer through a V-belt at a speed of 24 rpm to enhance material flow.

The middle part of the cylinder is an evaporation separation chamber, and the top is a foam trap.

The liquid separated at the end of the middle part is separated by the foam trap.

To prevent the secondary steam from taking away the liquid foam, the secondary steam generated by the steam is taken away by the hydraulic ejector.

In order to facilitate the observation of the production situation in the pot, there are light holes and sight holes, and manholes are provided for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Continuous Vacuum Concentration Pot Maintenance

a. After each shift, first rinse with cooling water, use a brush to remove dirt in the pot, rinse with clean water and sterilize with steam.

b. Frequently check the tightness of the connecting pipes of the lamp hole, the sight hole and the manhole, and check whether the valve cock has any steam leakage, and replace the sealing ring if necessary.

c. Keep the glass on the lamp hole and sight hole clean.

d. Frequently check the sensitivity and precision of pressure gauges, vacuum gauges and thermometers.

e. In case of mechanical damage or water cut, stop using it immediately, destroy the vacuum in the pot, and then close the cold water valve and centrifugal pump motor for maintenance.

f. The pumping screw pump and mixing reducer are carried out according to their respective operating instructions.

blueberry jam concentrator details in our factory
blueberry jam concentrator details in our factory

Vacuum Concentration Equipment Troubleshooting

1. The vacuum is too low

(1) The parts of the Blueberry Paste vacuum concentrator or the pipe connections are not tight and leaking steam.

(2) The amount of cooling water is insufficient and the water temperature is too high.

(3) The nozzle of the water jet is blocked or the nozzle is worn and deformed.

2. The cooling water is poured back into the concentration pot

(1) If you do not operate according to the parking sequence, the cooling water must be poured into the Blueberry Paste Concentrator Machine.

(2) The inlet pump and pipeline of the hydraulic ejector are seriously blocked, the water inlet volume suddenly drops, and the inlet water pressure suddenly drops.

(3) The nozzle of the water jet is blocked or the position of the conical guide baffle in the water jet is skewed, or even completely falls off, causing the cooling water to invert.

3. The screw pump cannot work

Follow the pump instruction manual


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