NS Type External Circulation Continuous Vacuum Concentrator


This continuous vacuum concentrator is a single-effect continuous external-circulation vacuum concentration equipment, which is suitable for continuous evaporation of heat-sensitive materials (such as juice, vegetable juice, liquid medicine and other fluid materials) under vacuum and low temperature conditions to achieve the effect of concentrated juice.

●Evaporation temperature: 50-55℃

●Steam pressure: ≤0.15Mpa

●Type: Tube type

●Vacuum degree: -0.083 ~ -0.0906MPa


Continuous Vacuum Concentrator
Continuous Vacuum Concentrator


The main structure is made of high-quality stainless steel; it consists of tubular heaters, vacuum evaporation chambers, multi-stage condensers, pumps (material circulation pumps/inlet and discharge pumps/vacuum pumps/water pumps), automatic PLC control systems, related valve groups and detection instruments The operating platform and other components. It has the advantages of compact structure, stable operation, high production efficiency and energy saving.

PLC fully automatic control, each control point can be self-tested, using advanced pressure sensing detection technology, the liquid level control accuracy can reach 1mm. The information control center can realize the coordinated operation of upstream and downstream equipment.


Model Evaporation L/h Circulating water ㎡/h Air consumption kg/h Total installed capacity kw Heat exchange area ㎡ Dimensions mm
NS-300 300 11.6 330 5.5 2.67 3000×2700×4700
NS-500 500 19.3 560 7.5 4.6 3100×2800×4700
NS-1000 1000 39 1130 7.5 10 3200×2900×4700


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