Automatic Blueberry Cleaning Washing Machine With Drying Machine

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The blueberry washing machine mainly uses bubble cleaning and spraying, which can effectively separate the attachments on the surface of the cleaned fruit. After cleaning, it  have air-drying equipment to quickly remove water droplets on the surface of blueberries.

blueberry washing machine
blueberry washing machine

Blueberrt Washing Machine Features

▼The whole machine material is stainless steel
▼Automatic transportation throughout
▼Bubble spray cleaning
▼Water circulation filtration

How to Clean Wild Blueberries

When the blueberries fall into the water, the blueberries are stirred and cleaned by the churning water in the tank, and the artificial cleaning is simulated to effectively avoid the bumps, knocks, scratches and other phenomena in the manual cleaning of fruits;

The heavy dirt such as mud and sand on the blueberries is separated and falls into the sedimentation area under the filter screen, and the spray device above the tank is added to spray and clean the blueberries;

The blueberries are gradually moved to the conveyor belt with an air-drying device under the push of water, and are lifted out of the inner tank. The blueberries are air-dried during the lifting process;

1. The equipment havea circulating water pump and a filter water tank to realize the recycling of cleaning water, save water, and replace with new water according to the actual production situation;

2. The equipment havea spray device, which sprays the product during the bubble cleaning process to reduce secondary pollution;

3. The equipment lifting device with an air-drying system, which can air-dry blueberries during the lifting process to improve work efficiency;

blueberry washing machine in our factory
blueberry washing machine in our factory

Blueberry Cleaning Machine Operation Steps

(1) Clean the water tank and fill it with water; fill the main tank with clean water until there is water overflow at the overflow.

(2) Start the conveyor mesh belt motor to make the mesh belt run normally and in the correct direction;

(3) Start the vortex pump and inject air into the water tank to make the water in the tank churn;

(4) Open the valve of the spray pipe to spray the water evenly on the mesh belt;

(5) Check all operating parts and work after confirming normal operation.

(6) It can washing the blueberry separately and then transport it by the mesh belt.

blueberry washing to packaging details
blueberry washing to packaging details

After washing and drying the blueberry,we can also support the blueberry sorting grading machine and packaging machine,after you pre-processing the blueberry and packaging them , it will increase the added value of blueberries and bring you more commercial profits!!


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