Automatic Blueberry Candied Production Line For Candied Fruits


The blueberry candied production line is made of fresh blueberry fruits through the process of raw fruit, washing, peeling/core remove/slicing/cutting, pre-cooking, dehydration, vacuum sugar infiltration, drying, finishing and packaging, etc. The food is bright and transparent. The surface is dry, slightly sticky, and the water content is below 20%.


Application Of blueberry preserves production line:

The blueberry candied production line is suitable for all kinds of preserved fruits, including preserved apples, preserved apricots, preserved pears, preserved peaches, preserved Taiping preserved fruit, green plums, hawthorn slices, fruit peel, etc.


The main equipment includes: washing machine, fruit and vegetable peeling machine, slicing and core removing machine, vacuum sugar infiltration system, continuous pre-cooking machine, drying box, etc. Through the above equipment, a complete mechanized production of blueberry preserves can be realized.


Picking belt: used to manually pick worm-eye and rotten blueberries;

Washing machine: Bubble washing machine is mainly used for washing blueberry fruits;

Alkali peeling machine: This equipment has strong processing capacity and good peeling effect. It has no abrasion and no scars on the blueberry pulp, high yield, saves lye, and reduces labor intensity of workers. The running speed of the conveyor belt is adjustable and the equipment is running reliable.

Half-cut core remove machine: optional according to specific materials;

Continuous pre-cooking machine: blanching and blanching by the blanching machine effectively inhibits the activity of enzymes in fruits and vegetables, so as to maintain the unique fresh color of fruits and vegetables, retain the original flavor of blueberries, increase the softness of cells, and facilitate water evaporation. The process requirements of the next drying and dewatering process lay a good foundation.

Mesh belt dehydration: drain the water through vibration of the mesh belt;

Vacuum sugar infiltration system: The equipment adopts advanced vacuum impregnation principle, which greatly shortens the processing time of blueberry preserves, ensures the sanitation and safety in the production process, and effectively improves work efficiency. It is an ideal equipment to replace traditional sugar soaking technology and rapid process production. .

Drying Machine: Dry the blueberry fruit soaked in sugar;

Package machine:It replaces manual packaging with the bag-type packaging machine, and realizes packaging automation for large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.


Features of blueberry preserves production line:

1. In addition to blueberries, it can also process apples, pears, peaches, apricots, mulberries, bananas, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables, realizing multiple uses in one machine;
2. It can produce dried fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable slices, all kinds of crisp chips, etc. The production line configuration is flexible, according to the different final product needs of customers;
3. It can process dried fruits and vegetables and chips of different shapes and sizes, and the whole line has a modular design to combine different processing techniques;
4. High degree of automation, labor saving, with cleaning system, easy to clean;
5. The material contact part of the system is made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene and safety;


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