Automatic Coconut Meat Grinder Machine 304 Stainless Steel


The coconut meat grinder is a special grinder developed based on the unique characteristics of coconut meat. It is suitable for the crushing of coconut meat in the coconut milk processing technology. The contact part of the machine and coconut meat is made of 304 stainless steel,it can meets food hygiene.

coconut meat grinder machine
coconut meat grinder machine

Structural features and working principle

The coconut meat falls freely into the feed hopper and is ground by the high-speed rotating toothed knife. The ground material falls into the discharge hopper through the gap between the cutter head and the cutter head cover to realize the grinding function.

Here is our youtube videos of the coconut meat grinder machien working process for your reference!!

The integral rotor assembly is made with a lifting adjustment mechanism, which can adjust the gap between the cutter head and the cutter head cover, thereby adjusting the fine granularity of the coconut meat.

Coconut grinder structure diagram
Coconut grinder structure diagram

1. Feeding hopper; 2. Tooth blade; 3. Cutter head; 4. Frame; 5. Rotor lifting mechanism; 6. Bearing frame; 7. Bearing; 8. Belt drive mechanism; 9. Discharge hopper; 10. Motor

Main technical parameters


Production capacity T/h

Equipped power KW

Dimensions mm













coconut grinder
coconut grinder


Coconut meat grinder is a multifunctional food machine, which can crush coconut pot meat, mashed potatoes, cassava, carrots, peanut butter, garlic mash, wax gourd sauce, ginger mash, corn mash, chili sauce, etc.

The crushing effect is good, and the crushed material can be directly discharged from the mill cavity of the main machine, and the particle size can be adjusted by changing the mesh screen with different apertures.

Installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance

1. The coconut meat grinder Machine must be placed on a level concrete floor and pad up to level, turn on the power of the drive motor, and check whether the rotor rotation direction is consistent with the rotation direction indicator. The machine can continuously produce materials in and out.
2. Cut off the power when shutting down, and rinse the inside and outside of the whole machine to keep it clean.
3. When the machine is grinding materials, when there are obvious differences in the size of the discharged materials, please replace the saw teeth on the rotor in time.
4. Regularly refuel the bearing seat.

coconut meat grinder
coconut meat grinder


1. Do not shock when feeding;
2. It is strictly forbidden to enter the machine with hard foreign objects such as nails and stones.

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