Stainless Steel Fully Automatic Coconut Deshelling Machine


The fully automatic coconut deshelling machine is suitable for the pre-treatment of coconut shelling. The machine has simple structure, convenient operation and high efficiency.

Coconut Shell Removing Machine Working principle

When working, the reducer is driven to drive the main shaft to rotate, so that the grinding disc rotates under the drive sprocket.

Because the fully automatic coconut deshelling machine have a cutter head, the coconut is placed between the grinding plate and the thrust rod, so that the cutter head touches the coconut.

It can peel off the coconut shell under the action of the knife teeth and the thrust rod to achieve the effect of shelling.

Here is our youtube video of the coocnut sheeling machine working process for your reference.

Coconut Deshelling Machine Advantage

1. Stainless steel material .The material is stainless steel, which meets the food hygiene requirements, is beautiful, durable, and meets the hygiene requirements.

2. Two-head work .Double heads can work at the same time, double the efficiency and save coconut shelling time.

3. Gear alloy. The gear blade blade made of alloy material has high hardness and is not easy to be dull when peeling the coconut.

4. Special shelling knife .The special coconut shelling knife with high hardness is adopted, which is not easy to be dull. You can remove it for polishing.

5. Direct power drive .Direct power drive improves efficiency. The shelling machine blade to improve the work efficiency by motor,without belt or chain.

Cococnut Dehusking Machine Parameter

Name: Fully automatic coconut deshelling machine

Power: 1.5KW

Stations: 2

Size: 1230×820×1050mm

Processing capacity: 360-600/H (depending on skilled workers)

After shelling the coconut,if you want to to have a further process of the coocnut. we also have coconut meat grinder machine and coocnut paste grinding machine ect.


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