Stainless Steel Chain Plate Elevator For Fruits And Vegetables

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The chain plate elevator adopts flat net chain type mesh belt baffle or woven polypropylene belt baffle as carrier, which is suitable for lifting or conveying various materials in the food industry.

The machine adopts a transmission motor to drive the grid chain net to rotate, so that the material can reach the purpose of conveying or lifting. It can realize horizontal conveying and inclined lifting conveying at the same time. The lifting angle during inclined conveying is usually not more than 45°.

The specific form can be selected according to the different working conditions of the user. The machine adopts foreign advanced technology for processing, and has the advantages of compact structure, low noise, convenient use, and convenient transportation and hoisting.

Structural features and working principle

The elevator is composed of a transmission motor, a transmission cover, a frame, a driving shaft, a driven shaft, and a flat net chain net. The flat grid chain net is driven by a transmission motor for rotational movement. The material enters the chain plate and is transported.

The plates rotate together to achieve the purpose of conveying or lifting. The frame is made of all stainless steel, and can be made into various contours according to user requirements, and spray pipes and water collection tanks can also be added.


Conveying Equipment Chain Plate Elevator
Conveying Equipment Chain Plate Elevator

Technical Parameters

Effective width: 300-1200mm

Lifting angle: ≤45°

Single drive limit length: 1000-10000mm

Conveying capacity: 15Kg/m

Conveying speed: 20m/min (adjustable)

Motor power: 0.18 Kw /0.37 Kw /0.55 Kw /0.75 Kw /1.1 Kw /1.5 Kw /2.2Kw

Installation, operation

1. Tighten all bolts on the entire machine.

2. It is forbidden to tilt or shake the whole machine, and clean the inside and outside of the whole machine to keep it tidy.

3. Lubrication parts need to be fully lubricated, and add lubricating oil with designated marks.

4. It is strictly forbidden to drop stones, screws and tools into the equipment to prevent them from falling into the next process.

5. Test run several times, each time not exceeding 20 minutes, cut off the power supply, re-check according to the above requirements, only after confirming that it is correct, can the feed test be carried out.

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