Our Thai customers are from Ed Wood Farm, and Thai customers have their own date farms. The early variety grown on this farm is Barhee, and the client’s main business is to wash, air-dry, pit, and freeze-dry the barhee dates he grows.

Date washing processing machinery

On August 30, 2021, customers learned we are dates processing machine manufacturers provide a complete set of solutions through the website, which fit their requirements. Through online communication, we learned that customers are the decision makers of this company. The date varieties of Thai customers are not their local varieties, but the varieties imported from other countries and carefully cultivated in the greenhouse. This kind of dates are not ordinary dates, but has a crunchy taste similar to apples. Therefore, the customer’s date variety has been put on the market, and it has been enthusiastically sought after by the local market, and the sales volume is very impressive. Due to the characteristics of this date, the subsequent processing is also difficult for Thai customers.

Thai customer’s date planting farm

According to the characteristics of this variety of dates described by Thai customers, combined with our industry experience for 10 years, our professional engineers have formulated specific date palm washing processing machinery solutions for customers. The date processing machinery solutions mainly includes date palm washing, air-drying, pitting, these date palm processing procedures. Our date palm washing machine mainly has the following advantages, which is also an important reason why Thai customers choose to cooperate with us:


Save labor and improve cleaning efficiency;
The whole date palm washing machine use food grade stainless steel material;
The barhee dates washing effect is guaranteed, and the triple cleaning system: bubble surfing→cleaning, high-pressure water flow→washing, automatic mesh belt→transport, secondary spraying→cleaning

Dates processing machinery delivery

According to the contract signed by the Thai customer with us, our factory completed the date processing machinery required by the customer on schedule. And in accordance with the customer’s packaging requirements, after packaging and loading, the shipment has been completed. At present, the Thai customer has not received our date washing processing machinery. The Thai customer said that after receiving the equipment, they will send us a feedback video of the equipment.

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