Our client is from Mexico, and we have our own farm in Mexico, where we grow 3,000 acres of broccoli and other vegetables. The customer made an inquiry with us in 2019. Through communication with the Mexican customer, we learned that the customer used the sink for manual cleaning before. This traditional cleaning method not only requires the employment of a large number of workers to ensure the daily amount of broccoli washing, but the broccoliwashing effect is not ideal. With the continuous expansion of the processing scale of Mexican customers, it is no longer able to meet the production needs of customers.

Mexico Broccoli Farm Harvest

Through further communication with customers, we learned that the broccoli harvested from the farm by the customer is mainly used for quick-frozen broccoli processing. The broccoli planted by the customer before was picked without professional and efficient broccoli processing equipment, which can only rely on manual labor. The broccoli is damaged and can only be thrown away. Mexican customers now want to process quick-frozen broccoli on a large scale and have established a broccoli processing plant.

Brccoli washing machine in our factory

According to customer needs, our professional engineers have customized a 9-meter-long broccoli washing machine for customers. This washing machine can help Mexican customers wash 3-5 tons of broccoli per hour. According to the characteristics of broccoli, our professional engineers installed a dial wheel, which can push the broccoli forward to achieve a more ideal broccoli cleaning effect. In accordance with the contract delivery date, our factory completed the 9-meter broccoli washing machine customized by the Mexican customer on time, and according to the customer’s request, the broccoli washing test machine was carried out in our factory before delivery. Video of the test machine was opened to the customer in the factory. The following is the test machine video of our Mexican customer’s broccoli washing machine for reference:

At present, this 9-meter broccoli washing machine is running smoothly in the Mexican customer’s factory, and the customer is very satisfied with our broccoli washing machine. According to customer feedback, he added cold water to the broccoli cleaning process, which can better preserve the nutrient content of the broccoli, and it is more conducive to preservation. After being washed and air-dried, the broccoli is quick-frozen and then directly exported to the United States.Here is the 9m broccoli washing machine finished install and runs in our customer’s factory video for your reference.

9m broccoli washing machine runs in our custoemr’s factory

In the second half of 2020, in order to meet the processing demand of 40 tons of vegetables per day, the customer chose to cooperate with us again and repurchased a 3-meter-long vegetable washing machine from our company to wash other vegetables picked from the farm, and then quick-freeze.

3m vegetable washing machine deliveried at customer’s factory

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