Dates Fruits Washing Drying Sorting Packing Processing Line Turnkey

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The dates fruits washing line mainly include dates washing,elevating,drying,grading/sorting  pre-processing all kinds of dates palm fruits, this dates processing line is very popular in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq and other regions rich in date palms.

dates palm washing line
dates palm washing line

Date palm fruits washing line featuers

1. Save water, electricity, time, cleanliness and sanitation without damaging the product.

3. High efficiency, small occupied area, safe and reliable.

4. Simple installation, easy operation, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption.

date washing machine details
date washing machine details

Date palm air bubble washing machine

Using high-pressure steam bubble water bath cleaning, supplemented by strong water flow for cleaning date palms

We design a bubble generating device and a high-pressure spray device to make the date palm in a tumbling state and remove pesticide residues on the surface of the product.

With large cleaning capacity, high washing rate and no damage to the date palm skins, and flow to the conveyor mesh belt after swirling and on the mesh belt

Floating matter can overflow from the overflow tank and sediment Discharge from the mouth to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

After being cleaned by high pressure water flow, it is conveyed to the conveyor belt.

Date Fruits Brush roller washing machine

The parallel hair roller cleaning machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the standards of the food industry. It adopts hair roller cleaning and spray technology to clean the dates. The cleaning speed is adjustable, and the dates run smoothly on the brush.

Here is our date brush roller washing and drying machine working process our facotry for yoru reference!!

Air drying machine

The air dryer is application for the draining work of the date palm after washing. The hot air generated by the vortex air pump is application to dry the washed date palm at room temperature, which effectively protects the color and quality of the date palm itself, and can shorten the time for subsequent processing or packaging. It is one of the core equipment for fruit and vegetable cleaning and processing.

drying system
drying system

Dates sorting machine

1. It is suitable for those fruits that are classified according to the size of the fruit shape.

2. Through the operation of the silica gel belt, the fruit falls into the result trough at the appropriate aperture and then is discharged from the fruit outlet.

3. The date palm sorting machine adopts bell-mouth sorting, which makes the sorting hole spacing more standardized.

Here is the dates grading machine youtube working feedback from our UAE customer for your reference!!

4. The date sorting machine material is silica gel to directly contact the fruit, which is round and smooth and does not damage the fruit.

5. The whole adopts stainless steel raw materials, which is safe and hygienic, and meets the hygienic standards of food processing equipment.

dates sorting machine
dates sorting machine

After washing drying and grading the dates,we can also support the dates packaging equipment according to your specific request! Here are the common date palm packaging forms, for reference!

dates packing form
dates packing form

Except the abrovr dates fruits processing machine, we also support dates core removing machine,and date paste grinding machine, if you have any request of the dates processing ,welcoem to contact us freely, we can support you the dates processing line turkey according to your specific request!!


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