Dragon Fruit Weight Sorting Machine With High Precision


The dragon fruit sorting machine replaces the previous manual eye sorting. The sorting speed is fast and the precision is high. After sorting, the size of the dragon fruit is uniform, and the upper and lower errors are small.

dragon fruit sorting machine

The error of a fruit is 2 grams between the upper and lower sides. Artificial naked eye sorting can hardly achieve this precision, and long-term mechanical movement of workers can easily cause visual fatigue and the sorting speed is very slow.

Dragon fruit sorting Principle

Using the principle of balance and lever, using the weight of the container and the weight set by the weight device, the displacement and measurement during swimming are used to achieve the grading of the selected weight. In the fully automatic transmission, the dragon fruit of various sizes is graded quickly and correctly, and the dragon fruit scales are not damaged in the process.

Here is the fruit sorting machine working process feedback from our customer for your reference!!

Dragon Fruit Grader Machine Parameter

Model GG-4712
Dimensions 2100*600*800mm
Voltages 220v
Power 0.75Kw
Capacity 1500-3000Kg/h

Dragon Fruit Sorting Machine Advantage

1. The sorting machine is fast in sorting dragon fruit. In the past, manual sorting and long-term mechanical movement can easily cause fatigue of eyesight, and the sorting speed is very slow.

2. High precision, the size of the pitaya after sorting is uniform, the upper and lower error is small, the error of one fruit is 2 grams from the upper and lower.

3. The equipment can be matched with dragon fruit cleaning machine. No need for the previous form, manual cleaning, and then manual sorting.

4. Automatic fruit loading, saving labor and reducing manual bruises. Mechanical sorting, one-time packaging.

dragon fruit sorting machien details in our factory
Dragon Fruit Sorter Machine Features

1. The fruit sorting machine is multi-purpose, has a wide range of use, is convenient to move and easy to maintain.

2. The design of the fruit sorting machine, the steel structure, is strong and beautiful.

3. The fruit sorting machine has small measurement error and high sensitivity

4. The fruit sorting machine consumes less power, has low noise and is easy to operate.

5. The fruit sorting machine has many sorting grades and is adjustable, and the output is large.

6. The fruit sorting machine has an automatic protection function to prevent the equipment from being damaged by reverse rotation and misoperation.

7. The soft fruit plate of the fruit sorter: The well-designed fruit plate will not damage the fruit, and the fruit plate reduces self-damage and reduces the cost of use.

8. Pre-arrangement technology of fruit sorting machine. Only need to manually pour the fruits on the conveyor belt or the upper hopper, the machine will automatically queue the fruits, and drop them into the fruit tray one by one for weighing and sorting.

dragon fruit grading machine
dragon fruit grading machine

Pitaya not only tastes sweet, but also has high nutritional value. It combines the advantages of fruits, flower buds, vegetables, and medicine. Not only is it rich in nutrition and good taste, but its growth process is quite in line with the principles of green and environmental protection, and it can grow healthily without using any pesticides. Therefore, dragon fruit is a green, environmentally friendly fruit that is very popular among people.

Now many dragon fruit cooperatives, dragon fruit bases, dragon fruit villages, dragon fruit enterprises, dragon fruit farmers, etc. are using dragon fruit sorting machines, which shows that mechanization is gradually replacing labor. Right now is the peak harvest season, what are you still hesitating about, please contact us as soon as possible!


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