Automatic Avocado Sorting Grading Machine For Sale


The avocado grading machine circulates the avocados through the rotation of the roller conveyor. By adjusting the distance between the rollers and the rollers, the avocados can be classified from small to large.

avocado sorting machine
avocado sorting machine

Avocado Sorting Machine Features

Fast picking speed and high accuracy rate;
It can be divided into 3-6 grades, which can be determined according to product requirements;
Save labor and effort, save labor costs, and greatly improve work efficiency.

Avocado Grading Machine Technical Parameters

Size: 4000*1300*1100mm
Power: 2.2KW
Output: 2 tons
Material: Outsourcing and material contact parts are made of 304 stainless steel

Avocado Grading Principle

The spacing of each section can be freely set according to the customer’s requirements for avocados, and the gap between the rollers will be gradually increased to achieve the corresponding size of the avocado. And make the avocado fall from the gap between the rollers to the fruit conveyor belt to complete the purpose of fruit selection.

avocado sorting machine details
avocado sorting machine details

Avocado Sorting Machine Operation Guide

1. Install the apple grading machine in a workshop with flat ground and smooth drainage, padded each leg, turn on the power of the machine, ensure a good grounding wire, and ensure the direction of transmission, then it can be turned on and run.

2. The sorting and conveying level can be completed by adjusting the digital display on the equipment. The running speed of the whole machine is adjustable.

It can be divided into 3-6 levels in total. It is determined according to the product requirements.

The minimum level is 9.7-15.4mm adjustable.

The level can be adjusted arbitrarily from small to large between the set minimum and maximum levels, and the maximum level can pass through at any time below 39mm.

3. After the above classification is completed, avocados of different grades should be automatically transported from the corresponding outlet to the turnover basket.

4. Manually control the quantity and uniformity of the input avocados according to the operating speed, and it is appropriate to spread it 5-8 cm above the avocado distributor.

5. After the work is completed, the entire equipment should be cleaned up and inspected and maintained in detail.

avocado sorting details
avocado sorting details

The avocado sorting machine can meet the growing demand for higher external and internal quality of avocados. By grading the avocados according to different sizes, the appearance of the avocados can be improved, which is also the main factor that determines consumers’ purchase. It is the first choice for fruit farmers, self-employed, fruit and vegetable cooperatives, fruit and vegetable processing plants, and growers to enhance the market value of avocados.


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