Small Scale Pasteurized Milk Processing Line For Dairy Farm


The pasteurized milk processing line is suitable for cow milk, goat milk, camel milk and other dairy products. It is also suitable for sterilize liquids such as beer, egg liquid, honey, and soy milk.

Commercial Milk Pasteurizer Technical Parameter:

Sterilization time: 5-40 minutes adjustable
Processing capacity: 10-150kg/timeDairy
Processing materials: milk, goat milk, camel milk and other dairy products

Milk is one of the long-lived beverages. It is rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, and is easy to absorb, so it is very popular with consumers. However, because raw milk contains many microorganisms we can’t drink the raw milk ,the raw milk needs to be processed before drinking.

Small Milk Pasteurizer Flow Chart

The specific processing flow mainly includes low-temperature refrigeration→purification→filtration→preheating→homogenization→sterilization→cooling (milk)/fermentation (yogurt)→filling processing. Each processing flow corresponds to a specific equipment. The main equipment list is as follows:


Temporary storage tank: A container that the rancher will temporarily store after collecting the fresh milk he produces;

Double filter: the double filter filters out some impurities in the milk

Preheating tank: The preheating tank is heated to about 40°-60° to preheat the milk;

Homogenizer: crush the fat balls in the milk to recombine the internal structure of the milk, so that the structure is more stable, the taste is more delicate, and the color is better and whiter

Pasteurization tank: uses 72-85 degrees for sterilization, which kills harmful bacteria in the milk while preserving the nutrients and pure taste.

Cooling tank: Then the milk enters the pre-cooling tank to cool down to about 40 degrees, and then enters the refrigeration tank when making milk

Filling machine: Fill and cap the cooled milk.

Features of Pasteurization Milk Processing Line

1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance
2. Fully automatic operation process, easy to use
3. Food grade material, safe and hygienic

Advantages of Fresh Milk Pasteurization Line

1. Made of SUS304 stainless steel, durable and corrosion-resistant, and the equipment is polished, so that dirt is not easy to stay.
2. The production line is controlled by an electric control box, and the sterilization temperature can be adjusted by itself.
3. The processing capacity of 100-300L, we can formulate a fresh milk sterilization line according to the customer’s fresh milk processing capacity.
4. The entire line has a wide range of applications, and you just need another fermentation tank,you can start yogurt production.

Profits of Small Scale Milk Pasteurization Equipment

After pasteurized milk processing line process the raw material, the dairy farmer no longer has to worry about the preservation of the fresh milk collected, and the filled milk is easy to transport. Ranchers can sell processed milk to local retail customers. If the production scale is enough large, they can also sell pasteurized milk to local supermarkets in batches, which will bring considerable benefits.


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