Automatic Hawthorn Sauce Production Line For Berry Fruits


The hawthorn sauce production line is a kind of jam processing line made of hawthorn as the main material. The hawthorn sauce produced is ruddy in color, moderately sweet and sour, delicious and nutritious, and is a refreshing food.


Hawthorn is rich in vitamins, maslinic acid, citric acid, flavonoids, etc. It has the effects of digesting food, reducing blood fat and reducing arteriosclerosis. Regular eating can prevent cardiovascular disease. However, the shelf life of fresh hawthorn is extremely short. In order to increase the shelf life of hawthorn, we usually make hawthorn sauce or dried hawthorn.

Working process:

The production of hawthorn sauce mainly includes: conveying, lifting, cleaning, selection; blanching machine; beating, grinding, concentration, sterilization, filling, secondary sterilization (post-sterilization), air shower, sleeve labeling, coding, and packing , Storage, these processes.

Each process has a specific device corresponding to it, and the specific function of each device has its own focus:

1. Lifting machine: Lifting fresh hawthorn into the washing machine;
2. Washing machine: There are two cleaning processes here, the first is flat roller cleaning to remove the twigs and leaves in the hawthorn; the second cleaning is a bubble cleaner to clean the dust on the surface of the hawthorn fruit;


3. Sorting machine: The cleaned hawthorn will automatically fall into the roller grading machine after being lifted, and the hawthorn fruits will be screened, and bad fruits and immature hawthorn fruits will be eliminated;
4. Blanching machine: blanching the selected hawthorn fruit can protect the color of the hawthorn fruit, retain the fragrance, increase the softness of the cells, and lay a good foundation for the process requirements of the next process.
5. Double channel pulp making machine: The blanched hawthorn fruit is lifted into a double-pass beating machine by a hoist, which can automatically remove the pit from the hawthorn fruit to make hawthorn slurry;


6. Hawthorn jam grinding machine: In order to further improve the taste and fineness of hawthorn paste, we also need to finely grind the hawthorn paste obtained;

7. Vacuum thickener: It can retain the nutrients and aroma of hawthorn, and realize the evaporation of excess water in the hawthorn pulp;


8. Sterilization machine, filling machine, secondary sterilization: Sterilize the hawthorn paste obtained and fill it in aseptic vat.

Hawthorn Sauce Production Line profits:

The final aseptic vat of hawthorn sauce can be sold directly to the local hawthorn jam blending factory. In addition, we can also sell it to the hawthorn juice factory to make hawthorn juice. This packaging method is convenient for transportation and has a long shelf life.


The eliminated hawthorn seeds can also be reused, and can be ground into hawthorn seed powder according to the corresponding process, or the hawthorn seed edible oil can be extracted.

Features of Hawthorn Sauce Production Line:

1. The company’s processing equipment has reasonable and beautiful design, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and low steam consumption.

2. The concentration system adopts a forced-circulation vacuum concentration evaporator to make the hawthorn paste with higher viscosity flow and evaporate easily, and the concentration time is short.

3. Hawthorn jam is filled in a sterile vat, which extends the warranty period and is convenient for transportation.

Advantages of hawthorn sauce production line:

1. All use 304 stainless steel material to ensure the hygiene and safety of the hawthorn sauce production process;

2. Automatic production process of hawthorn sauce, saving manpower and material resources;

3. Customized services, we can design a hawthorn sauce production line turnkey project that meets your requirements according to your specific needs


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