The tomato paste factory in nigeria is produced in large batches of 200L drum in a one-time, mass production in accordance with the technological process of tomato paste processing equipment (cleaning, picking, air-drying, preheating, crushing, pulping, concentrating, filling) in a sterile environment fill the aseptic drum withtomato paste. The strength of this tomato paste is 28-30%, without any additives, 100% authentic tomato paste, which can be stored for 1-2 years at room temperature.

Tomato paste factory in Nigeria

Specific tomato paste processing technology: fresh tomatoes→tomato cleaning→tomato sorting→crushing→preheating→tomato pulping→vacuum concentration→paste sterilization→finished tomato paste

Tomato paste processing flow chart in factory

Fresh tomato cleaning and sorting machine
After the fresh tomatoes are cleaned by the tomato bubble washing machine, we will get clean tomatoes, and then we need to select the seedbed and green immature tomatoes from the high-quality tomatoes to get the high-quality tomato sauce.

Tomato crushing and pulping machine
After we get clean and high-quality fresh tomatoes, we will use a tomato crusher to break the tomatoes into 3-5mm particles, and then transfer the crushed tomatoes to a two-stage beater to get 0.4-0.6mm tomato paste, but in order to improve Juice yield, use tubular tpe before beating
The preheater heats the tomato pulp to 60°C for 15 minutes. The tomato pulp yield of the two-stage beater is about 90%. After beating, the tomato pulp and seeds are separated from the tomato pulp.

Tomato pulp preheating system
We use a tubular preheater to process tomato puree. There are two processes. One is to heat crushed tomato paste and heat the tomato puree to 85-90°C for 10-15 minutes; the other is to cold crush tomato pulp and heat to 55 -60°C for 10-15 minutes. Destroy the activity of pectinase, save more pectin; ensure product viscosity; soften tomato pulp, easy to separate, and improve pulp yield.

Tomato paste evaporator and sterilizer
The forced circulation evaporator can evaporate the raw tomato pulp (about 12brx) into tomato paste (28-30bri or 36-58 brix), and then we heat the tomato paste with a tube in the tube sterilizer to remove the tomato paste Bacteria, get long shelves, the typical sterilization process is 108-110C to maintain 1205.

The evaporator and sterilizer all adopt internationally renowned brand control components and are made of 5U5304/516 materials to ensure high-quality ketchup.

Sterile tomato paste Filling
After the tomato is sterilized in the sterilization pot, we use a sterile filter to put it into a sterile bag. The sterilization process is in a sterile environment at a temperature of about 40°C. To ensure aseptic conditions, the filling room will be sterilized by steam and all processes will be in a complete environment. The ketchup in the sterile bag can reach a shelf life of 2 years.

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