Automatic Lychee Core Removing Machine Seed Separator


The lychee core removing machine can quickly pit the lychee, which can ensure the integrity of the pulp, leaving no residue after pitting, and the pulp does not change color. Improving the efficiency of manual denuclearization can save a lot of manpower and financial resources.

lychee core removing machine
lychee core removing machine

Lychee is a subtropical fruit. Because of its short storage time and relatively large yield, many lychees application for making canned foods and dried fruit foods, but pitting is required during the processing of lychees.

core removed lychee effects
core removed lychee effects

Lychee Core Remover Features

1 The whole lychee corer material is stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable.

2 Lychee de-core machine has strong adaptability and large processing range.

3 The failure rate of lychee corer is low and the use time is long.

4 The operation of the lychee corer is simple and convenient.

5 The equipment has the characteristics of small pitting aperture, more pulp retention, clean pitting, and no residual pits.

6 The seat plate of this lychee corer material is silicone leather bowl, which will not damage the fruit.

Lychee core removing machine details and effects
Lychee core removing machine details and effects

Lychee Pitting Machine Principle

The lychee core removing machine adopts a high degree of automation, and the mold conveyor belt automatically feeds and feeds the device for conveying and punching. After the fruit poured into the hopper to complete the separation of the nucleus and the meat. It completely solves the problems of low efficiency, labor-consuming and time-consuming manual denuclearization.

▼We directly combine the hopper and the conveyor,and we select the template according to the diameter of the fruit shape;

▼Pour the lychee into the storage hopper to achieve the effect of feeding and conveying;

▼After the lychee falls on the conveyor belt, it will automatically enter the template hole;

▼Brush the excess lychee into other holes through the brush, so that the feeding efficiency can reach more than 95%, which greatly improves the work efficiency;

▼After position the hole,it will continue to conveying and advancing the lychee, the machine will remove the lychee core in the process of conveying and advancing;

▼The nuclei fall into the nuclear dustpan and automatically flow out and collect them together;

▼It will transport the core removed lychees to the next step for lychee pulp automatic drop,so the discharge lycheee shape will not change complately;

▼The lychee falls into the dustpan and flows out and collects together automatically, so as to achieve the separation of lychee and core.

lychee pitting machine in our facotry
lychee pitting machine in our facotry

After get the core removed the lychee pulp,you can extracte them into lychee juice by the juice making machine or make them into canned lychees in syrup.All the final products of the lychees can bring you a higher profits than directly selling them as a fruits in the market,and they can storage for a longer time!


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