Chain Track Type Palm Dates Pitting Machine Fully Automatic


The fully automatic chain track type palm dates pitting machine only needs workers to pour the dates into the cabinet to complete the de-nucleation work.This completely solves the problem of low efficiency and time-consuming manual de-nucleation.

This palm dates deseeding machine adds a control switch to adjust the operating speed according to demand. The built-in brush device can brush the excess dates into the chain track, so that the feeding efficiency can reach more than 98%.This design can greatly improves the work efficiency.


The upgraded dates palm core remover machine is more adaptable and has a wider processing range. The chassis material is stainless steel, this material has good mechanical properties, wear resistance, low failure rate and long service life. After we upgrad the date palm core remover machine, it has achieved a better clean effect.

Dates Core Remover Machine Advanatges

The pitting principle adopts the technology of the machine tool for pitting, with high precision, so that the pitting rate can reach 100%.Most important is that it will not completely change the fruit shape.


The date palm pitting machine is fully automatic and can work continuously without interruption.This completely solves the problems of low efficiency, labor and time-consuming manual core removal. It’s material is stainless steel and fully meets the sanitary standards of food processing equipment.

The chain rail adopts imported polyurethane material, this material is resistant to wear, tension and tear, and has a longer service life. The date palm pitting machine is simple and convenient to operate.So that one person can manage multiple machines at the same time without long time supervision.

Palm Dates Pitting Machine Parameter

Model GGZQH-190-6 GGZQH-190-7 GGZQH-190-14 GGZQH-190-26
Pitting rate 99.50% 99.50% 99.50% 99.50%
Dates Size(mm) ∅32—∅38 ∅24—∅32 ∅22—∅32 ∅12—∅24
Capacity(pcs/h) 28800 33600 67200 124800
Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Voltage(v) 380 380 380 380
Machine size(mm) 2300×1280×1220 2300×1280×1220 2300×1280×1220 2300×1280×1220
Machine weigh(kg) 610 610 610 610

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