15T/h Complate Peach Juice Production Line Stainless Steel


The peach juice production line can retain the peach itself, which is rich in trace elements such as vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium, and will not be oxidized and lost during the peach juice extraction process, and retain the original flavor of the peach.

Peach juice is generally made from fresh peaches squeezed by a juicer. Mainly through sortingcleaningde-nucleationbeatingblendinghomogenizationsterilizationcanningcooling, and storage. The specific production process of peach juice is as follows:


Selection of raw materials Choose well-ripe peaches. If the raw materials are low in maturity, they need to be placed for a few days for post-ripening. Remove pests and diseases, unripe fruits and unhealthy fruits.


Washing First, thoroughly clean the epidermis with clean water. Because the peaches are hairy, use a brush cleaning machine to wash them, and then rinse them in 1% salt water to remove residual pesticides.

Cut in half and pit the washed peaches with a halving pitting machine to remove the peach pits, and remove rotten spots and pulp that affect the flavor.

Soaking Immediately put in 0.1% L-ascorbic acid and the mixture to soak to prevent discoloration.

Heating and beating: After crushing, the pulp is quickly heated in water at 90~95℃ for 2~5min, softened, and then beaten by a pulp making machine with a diameter of 0.5mm to remove the peel.

Mixing Adjust the sugar and acid to 250kg of peach pulp, add 180kg of water and mix thoroughly, filter with gauze to remove 2% of coarse particle fiber, then add sugar, L-ascorbic acid and other ingredients. After fully mixing, the raw material ratio is :450 parts of peach pulp, 365 parts of sugar water (27%), 2 parts, 0.3~0.8 parts of L-ascorbic acid

Homogenization The purpose of homogenizing the mixed peach juice is to divide the peach pulp suspension into small particles and then evenly disperse them into the juice to stabilize it and prevent its delamination. Homogenizing pressure is 130㎏/c㎡

Sterilization Heat the peach juice to 95℃ for 1 min.


Filling while hot. Double-head aseptic filling machine, 200-liter aseptic boxed aseptic bag. Convenient for transportation and storage.

Cooling The cooling tower is cooled to about 38°C and stored in the warehouse

Qualified peach juice drink, its color is pink or tan, its normal color is deep red, the liquid is uniform and opaque, it will still produce particles after being placed for a long time, it has a peach flavor, no foul smell, and the soluble solids ratio is up to 10%-14% of production line

Technical Parameters:

Ingredients: peaches, apricots, plums and other similar pulps with hard seeds
Final product: natural fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice, transparent fruit juice, cloudy fruit juice, canned fruit
Production capacity: 80T / d-120T / d
Output percentage: ≥90%
Solid content 7~12 Brix
The packaging type of the final product: aseptic bag/glass bottle/PET bottle/gable top box/Tetra Pak


Advantages of peach juice production line
1. There are many kinds of raw fruits, suitable for peach, apricot, plum and other hard fruit fruits;
2. According to different investment and preferred product structure, customers can request average, intermediate or advanced processing equipment.
3. The finished product has pure flavor, bright color and high juice output;

Features of peach juice production line

1. Flexible production line configuration, according to the different requirements of the final product, you can flexibly choose some precise equipment with different functions, such as: enzymatic hydrolysis, evaporation, filtration, etc.
2. The whole line has high degree of automation, low labor intensity, simple operation, safe function and low operating cost.
3. The whole line adopts hygienic design, which can be thoroughly cleaned and has a high level of hygiene.
4. A variety of energy recovery measures improve energy utilization and greatly reduce production costs.

Efficacy of fresh peach juice beverage production line

Peaches can be said to be full of treasures. The peach pits produced in the above-mentioned peach juice production process, the selected immature peaches, and peach leaves all have extremely high medicinal value. The specific effects are as follows:

1. Peach is hot in nature and sweet and sour in taste. It has the effects of nourishing, nourishing the heart, promoting body fluid, quenching thirst, eliminating accumulation, moistening the intestines, and relieving fatigue
2. Peach kernels have the functions of removing blood stasis, moisturizing the intestines, and antitussive. It can treat blood stasis disorders, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, high blood pressure and constipation
3. Bitao (immature peach) is soaked and co-immersed with tea as a drink. It has the effect of restraining sweat and stopping bleeding, and can cure Yin deficiency, cold sweat and hemoptysis.
4. Peach leaves also have insecticidal effects.
5. Peach blossom has the effect of reducing swelling and diuresis. It can be used to treat edema, ascites, dry stool, bad urination and beriberi and foot swelling.

If we can deal with them a little later, they can also bring you a considerable fortune.


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